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Уникальные пешие туры Sight Seeker's Delight

Париж, Франция
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Мы с мужем любители пеших экскурсий, обычно это самый лучший способ познакомиться с городом, узнать какие-то новые и интересные факты, которые не найдёшь в путеводителе. Но эта экскурсия нас безумно разочаровала. Она одновременно была скучной и абсолютно не информативной. Ни
Ответил(а) sightseekers34, Manager, Уникальные пешие туры Sight Seeker's Delight
Ответ написан 17 апр. 2016 г.
We are so sorry to hear you did not have a good experience on the tour. All of our tours are in English, and your guide said that one of you did not speak English well enough to understand the stories, and that the other person was doing their best to translate into Russian. This is probably the reason you feel like your guide did not delve into the history more – simply because you were only getting a translation instead of the stories your guide was really telling! This tour is 4-4.5 hours long and includes detailed historical information and interesting anecdotes on many of Paris’ biggest monuments, including Notre Dame, Pont Neuf, the Louvre, Conciergerie, Place de la Concorde, Invalides, the Grand Palais, Tuileries garden, the Eiffel Tower, and many more. We are not the kind of company to walk along and simply point out monuments with no further explanation – personally, we hate those kinds of tours, which is why we include stories on the important places we’re seeing. It wouldn’t be any fun otherwise, in our opinion! In addition, we do a ~30-40 minute long “crash course” in France and Paris since the beginning of recorded history- phew, it’s a lot of information, but we do make fun! You can see this from our many previous reviews: the history and unique anecdotes on our tours is the main reason travelers enjoy their experiences with us. Again, we believe that most of this was lost in translation, hence your particular experience. Regarding the lunch break, your guide let us know that you did not wish to sit with the rest of the group, though she did not know it was because you had already eaten lunch. As we detail on both our website as well as your tour confirmation email, this tour includes a stop for lunch/snack (at individual expense). We try to make this as clear as possible – it seems like maybe the translation issue was another reason you weren’t aware of this? This lunch break serves a couple purposes – first of all, to give the group a much needed break on this very long tour. Travelers usually appreciate a sit-down and recharge – 4-4.5 hours without any break would simply be too much for most. We also use this opportunity to really get to know the group – we are “Your Friends in Paris,” after all! Travelers always have interesting stories to share about what brought them to Paris, and sometimes they discover mutual interests or even mutual friends. It’s really a wonderful chance to bring everyone together! Again, we are sorry and saddened that you decided not to participate in the lunch break. Once again we apologize you did not enjoy your tour, and thank you for your feedback. Perhaps next time, we might suggest booking a Private tour (therefore giving as much time for translation from English to Russian as you require, skipping the lunch break if you don’t want/need it, etc.) as your best option! We love having travelers from all over the world tour with us, though it looks like we should consider being clearer about the importance of having a decent level of English, in order to fully understand the tours (or give the Private tour option to allow for extended back-and-forth translation). Hopefully in the future we can also begin offering tours in other languages – however we are a very small and young company, so for the moment they are only in English! We encourage any member of the TripAdvisor community to reach out to us by email or through our website if they have questions or concerns about our English-speaking tours!
Умопомрачительная экскурсия по всему Парижу с открытием новых захватывающих и интересных мест. Хорошее повествование. Интересно слушать новое.
Для тех. кто любит ходить по городу пешком. Отличный гид, интересный рассказ, посетили много новых неизвестных обычному туристу мест.
Гид была Элеонора. Она архитектор из Санкт-Петербурга, но уже больше 20 лет живет в Париже. Супер профессионал. Провела нас за 3 часа от Отель де Вилля по всему "музейному" центру, через Сент-Шапель, Форум, Дворец Рояль и т.д. и очень интересно обо всем рассказывала. Мы боялись
невероятная экскурсия! гид знал такие подробности, что все мои преподаватели истории из университета нервно курят в сторонке))) всем советую! было очень весело и интересно!