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Автор: Steveodo
Treated like a king
авг. 2014 г.
Признаюсь, что это был не теста, но это будет хорошее. Я зашел сюда одет довольно ужасно, весь плохое. Я направлен от (женщина? ) магазин на углу улицы ко входу дальше Вест-Стрит и вверх по лестнице. Я горячо приветствуюсь и провели экскурсия, и они должны знать, что я не собираюсь быть клиентом. Не имело значения - они относятся к меня как король. Чертовски!Я лично художник, поэтому я был любопытство о месте, которое готовит обувь. Мне показали, персонал сшила обувь и дыры отправили кулаком вручную в кожу, где не было никакого хлопковой Сан-Марко, чтобы следовать, чтобы сделать дизайн, который был там. Они работают глазом. Замечательный. Я никогда раньше не видел, что корова скрывается или слышали о видах приготовить его. Я думаю, что они сказали, что были единственными производителями обуви оставили в Северной Ирландии и экспортом 85% их созданий, в более 200 стран.Почти для отдыха, они продемонстрировали, как их 10 разных мелочей ширины означают, что вы можете получить намного меньшую обувь поместиться. Я никогда не видел или чувствовал, подобные ему. Они получили меня меньше и небольшие размеры обуви, пока, наконец, мой предположительно девять с половиной измеренных ноги были аккуратными в их семь с половиной обуви. Замечательный, очень удобно.В другом месте были неприятных как кожаный обувь крошечный старый отель детей или ручки, сделанные из расходов кишок потный. Они на стулья. Мне очень нравится то, что делают эти люди, мне очень нравится ремесло того, как они это сделают, и я рекомендую посетить их.

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Очень хорошо

Suffolk, UK51 публикация
This is the best shoe shop I have ever been too. A real find.
май 2021 г.
When I reached for the door of Robinsons in Carrickfergus I expected a brass bell to tinkle as I opened it, but I was greeted by a light and airy room lined with racks of shoes and noticeably just one solitary leather wing chair and nobody else there but the proprietor. He was white haired gentleman who asked for my name and told me that his was Robin and if I was in a hurry it would probably take him an hour to find me some shoes as I was a new customer and so I hadn't been properly sized by him before. As I sank into the chair I suspected, with some joy, that I was going to get a very comprehensive education about footwear as I told him what I was shopping for.

"What size do you normally wear" Robin asked. I replied I was normally a 43 but it varied according to the maker. "Quite"" he agreed. Robin produced a nice pair of brogues. "These are not what you want but these will tell me what shape your feet are". The fit was what I would normally consider acceptable but Robin had me walk around the store and then tie the laces. It made a big difference. He pushed a finger down the heel and frowned. He got out another pair, a different make. I said they fitted me. He pushed his finger down the heel and pressed across the arch, "how does that feel now?" If did feel different to the first pair but I couldn't quite put my finger (or toe perhaps) on why. "The width is right for you but it's too long and this last is too high".

"Look at my shoes" Robin instructed me. "One foot is a half size smaller than the other, but I wear shoes the same size to show you something; see those creases across the arch? The shoe that fits has no creases and these shoes are a year old. The shoe that doesn't fit is all creased here because it slips as it bends with my foot." There certainly was a difference in their wear but I wasn't sure yet if all this attention was some clever flim-flam pitch or there was some truth in it.

He picked up two shoe lasts (wooden feet) and told me the maker of the first pair I tried used this last and the maker of the second pair used this last, and in fact, there were 27 different lasts across the different manufacturers he sold. After trying on three different shoes to get my size, Robin wrote my details down and informed me that unfortunately he didn't have any shoes that would fit in the styles I wanted in stock today. It's because of Brexit and the pandemic, but he's got several containers of new stock coming but he'll call me as soon as they come it and I can order from the website. His website return rate is less than 1% he proudly pointed out. "I sell to 114 countries. People in America get our shoes delivered within three days."

By now our conversation had wandered over many topics. I had confessed to my long quest for satisfactory shoes and Robin's expression was like a priest offering the benediction of the church to a new convert. His was the way and the light. "I may be crazy but this shop is not about the cash register" he said. "I could just ring up a sale but I want to give customers the fit you only get with custom made shoes by sizing them correctly. Then the customer will keep coming back".

Honestly I don't know why their aren't queues around the block. This is the best shoe shop I have ever been too.
Опубликовано 30 мая 2021 г.
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Белфаст, UK129 публикаций
Best Shoe Shop if been in
май 2017 г. • Для двоих
I called in here with my wife to collect a phone cover that they had altered and ended up leaving with the best fitting , most comfortable shoes I have ever owned. My feet were measured and numerous shoes tried ,to find which shoes were made on the last which suited my feet best and this will be kept on record. The service was second to none . If you are looking for a pair of quality shoes with superb service, this is the place to come.
Опубликовано 19 мая 2017 г.
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Carrickfergus, UK5 770 публикаций
Treated like a king
авг. 2014 г. • Путешествие в одиночку
I'll confess it was not a test, but it would be a good one. I go in here dressed pretty badly, looking poor. I'm directed from the (ladies?) shop on the street corner to the entrance further up West Street, and up the stairs. I'm warmly welcomed, and given a tour, and they must know I'm not going to be a customer today. Didn't matter - they treat me like a king. Dang!

I happen to be an artist, so I was nosy about a place that MAKES shoes. I was shown hand stitched shoes, and holes punched by hand into leather where there was no pattern of marks to follow to make the design that was there. They work by eye. Brilliant. I'd never before seen cow hides, or heard about the ways to prepare it. I think they said they were the only shoe makers left in Northern Ireland, and export 85% of their creations, to over 200 countries.

Almost for fun, they demonstrated how their ten different width fittings means you can get a much smaller shoe to fit. I'd never seen, or felt, the likes of it. They got me smaller and smaller sizes of shoes, until at last my supposedly nine-and-a-half sized foot was snug inside their seven-and-a-half shoe. Remarkable, and very comfortable.

Elsewhere there were oddities like a tiny century-old child's leather shoe, or pens made from spent bullet casings. They cover chairs. I love what these people do, I love the craft of how they do it, and I recommend you pay them a visit.
Опубликовано 11 августа 2014 г.
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