Artak Manukian Museum

Artak Manukian Museum, Тегеран: отзывы

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St. Maryam Church, No.15, Mirza Kuchak Khan St., Jomhuri Eslami St., Тегеран 11369 Иран

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Getting to Know Armenians of Iran
июль 2016 г. • Семейный отдых
The museum is open all week except Mondays, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. The church was made around 90 years ago and later additional building was added to it that functioned as school, rehabilitation center and charity. in 2008 One of the buildings was turned into museum and named after the deceased archbishop of Tehran. The culture and religion of Iran’s Armenian is best represented here. The museum contains religious related objects such as crosses, Bibles, candle sticks and many other items that are also a sign of Armenians artistic taste. There is another section of museum that introduces the most well-known churches of Iran. there is also the anthropological section, where traditional costumes of Armenian women are put on display. The last section is the gallery, where contemporary Armenian artists present their artworks. Near the church there is a small restaurant (Reza Loghmeh) that sells kebab wrapped in bread, if you are not fed up with kebab you can visit the place, just remember that the restaurant has only a couple of seats that are always occupied. There is also a fire temple across the street that you can visit if you have time.
Опубликовано 17 октября 2016 г.
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