The Nbu Museum of Money
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  • Khreshchatyk → Maidan Nezalezhnosti • 5 мин пешком
  • Maidan Nezalezhnosti → Khreshchatyk • 5 мин пешком
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Yulia Ledovska
1 публикация
нояб. 2021 г. • С друзьями
Very interesting museum,great experience to have. Very recommend to visit!excursion was during 1,5 hour and it wasnt even enough to hear everything
Опубликовано 20 ноября 2021 г.
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Kyiv26 205 публикаций
апр. 2018 г. • Путешествие в одиночку
I was keen to visit this museum, located in the National Bank of Ukraine (Central Bank), for years. Different items that people were (and still are) ready to accept as measurement of nearly any value always interested me. But until recently, it was only open on week-days. Fortunately, not any longer.

The museum is in one hall only, but is full of unique, amazing and even amusing exhibits! It's a motley complicated mosaics of monetary instruments of Ukraine throughout its entire history, from ancient times via Empire, Soviet and Nazi occupation to present days. Or, better say, it's a Ukraine history in money.

Apart from ancient Kyiv Rus hryvnia of XI-XIII, my favorite part was with monetary items of early XX century civil war, when nearly every city could have printed their own money. Reminded me an old Soviet movie hero who wanted to buy a silver cross from a priest and offered him 100 million, but eventually said «Take it all; i’ll draw more for myself».

The guide was fantastic: very informative, very enthusiastic. But, although the group wasn’t large, sometimes people crowded too close to the window for everyone to see the apparently small object the guide was talking about.

The guided tour lasted for about an hour. And was crowned with a fascinating experience… of striking your own coin. This requires lots of power to be good! There were kids in our group, and they (or, rather, their fathers) were allowed to play around with the coin mint tool. In the meantime, I had a privilege of a repeated browsing the museum hall, in no rush this time.

As you can see from my abundant pictures, photography is allowed inside. Large round window in the centre exhibits money of foreign national states, including those withdrawn.

Exciting and educational, this museum is also a terrific value. The tour is free. And unlike other free tours in Kyiv, no tips are expected or accepted. The souvenir coin you mint is free. There are also some souvenirs and printed takeaways, also for free.

Given security measures, the museum can only be visited on a guided tour pre-arranged through the web-site of the NBU. Tours can be ordered individually, for groups, or you can join a group as an individual (the option I chose). They ask for at least 3 days in advance for registration, but in reality you can only choose from the fixed dates and time-range available. Better register in advance, don’t wait till you come to Kyiv. There are two tours a day on week-end, if you want to join a group.

You need to provide your personal details at registration and then bring your ID with you (same request for locals and foreigners) to clear the security. They verify those present against the pre-approved list of those registered. Make sure you arrive few minutes in advance as people are allowed inside altogether, in a group. The museum is located in the left wing of the NBU building (if you face it).

Ignore outdated warnings on their English web-site; the registration is open. Not sure if English tours are available (sorry; forgot to ask).

Alternatively, there is a virtual tour of the museum on the NBU web-site.
Опубликовано 2 июня 2018 г.
Этот отзыв отражает субъективное мнение члена сообщества Tripadvisor, а не официальную позицию компании Tripadvisor LLC. Tripadvisor проверяет отзывы.
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