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Candle-licious Factory and Store

634 E Lincolnway, Historic U.S. Route 30, Morrison, IL 61270-2964
+1 847-488-9982
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634 E Lincolnway, Historic U.S. Route 30, Morrison, IL 61270-2964
+1 847-488-9982
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Ana W
Hello my question is for Candle-licious staff. I recently stumbled across your candle-licious website as I was searching for scented candles. What lead me to try your candles was when I read this article on your website : Shop by Scent How many times have you bought a scented candle, lit it, and then smelled nothing? Have you burned a candle only to have to stand over it to smell it? How about a buried wick that can’t be relit? How often have you had wax left over on the sides of the holder? Stop wasting money on candles that are not made well. Anyone can add some fragrance oil to wax and make a candle that smells when you put it to your nose. Candle-licous candles will completely liquefy, burn all the way down, and scent your entire room. After I read this I thought WOW! They must have some pretty strong scented candles! And that's exactly what I was looking for. I was tired of wasting my money buying candles just to smell nothing when I burn them. I ordered 10 small votive candles in different scents just to try them out. I was anxiously awaiting their arrival and so excited when they finally did arrive. I put I to 2 in 4 different rooms in my home. 1 in the small rooms and 2 in the larger rooms. I closed the door to each room and went back about 30 minutes later. To my surprise I opened the door to each room and smelled absolutely nothing! I couldn't believe it! I said ok, maybe they need to burn a little longer. So I let them burn additional hour in each room. Still I smelled nothing. I eventually got extremely frustrated and blew them all out. I can't tell you how disappointed I am. For you to print such powerful words on your website about how strongly scented your candles are and then for me to smell absolutely nothing. Why? Can you please explain this to me? I burned each candle for over 1.5 hours. And as I said earlier, even put two in some rooms and shut all the doors. Not only was it not a strong scent, there was no scent at all. I think you owe me an explanation and my money back. My name is Ana Williams I live at 15103 Catalpa Court in Woodbridge Virginia if you need to look up my order. I will be waiting for your response!
1 ноября 2015|
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