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After visiting the Homer Studio, there is, about 300 years to the East along the Marginal Way, a small formation well hidden amongst the rocks. It looks like a cannon and, at the right tide, has the sound effect to go with it. Winslow Homer adapted this formation for his famous canvas "Cannon Rock" now in the MET - a submerged shelf visible at low tide formed the wave in his canvas. The same waves still form today. This is a massive formation really - just small in context to what is around it. If the season and tide is right and you are crazy enough and your sweetie asks you too, you can carefully climb down this slippery algae covered deathtrap into a small "cave" that is really only accessible for brief periods at low tide and often only between waves. It is to the left of the "cannon" and down a small "entrance". One there, you can grab a handful of the smoothest shiniest polished stones you will find. Tumbling against a slightly concave wall at the bottom of the "cave" for an obvious eternity has polished them - this place is ANCIENT. These are said to bring good luck! I have been insane enough to venture into this area even in January - though I am not stupid enough to try and get to the cave in that weather. The neck is very empty in those months - one sprained ankle in the wrong part of the Neck (AKA off the path, which is where all the fun is) and you have trouble. Anyway - if you come this far to see a rock - you will doubtless enjoy the other locations Homer painted - all are within an hour's walk. Be warned - this is the most beautiful place I have ever seen - you need 2 full days to really see all the Neck has to offer! There is much beauty to be seen from the path - so don't feel you have to be climber - but to see this "Cannon" you will have to do a bit of careful "advanced rock walking". From the path it is really appears small and is very hard to find if you don't know what you are looking for.
Опубликовано 17 января 2004 г.
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