Sidon Murex Hill

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Kyiv26 205 публикаций
Nothing but history now
май 2013 г. • Путешествие в одиночку
In Phoenician times, trading glory of Saida was, among other, based on the production of precious purple-dye, which was used to paint clothing for the emperors and nobility. Thousands of disposed Murex shells coming from purple dye manufactures created the entire artificial 50m Murex Hill in Saida.

These days the Murex Hill is more of a historic area than a prominent landmark. There are residential buildings on it, and the Muslim cemetery, and without knowing where it is and what it is, you can pass by without noticing. And don’t expect anyone in the city to be aware of where to find it - I was lucky to possess a Promenade map (or rather a scheme) of Saida, with all city touristy sights in it. The Murex Hill can be found to the south-east from the ruins of Qala’at al Muizz (St. Louis castle), right across Al Ansar road opposite the castle.

My guidebook said some ancient murex shells can be still seen in the lower part of the hill, to its left as you head along the street from St.Louis towards the sea. But I failed to find any - the area was excavated, and I lacked time to explore it thoroughly.
Опубликовано 24 ноября 2013 г.
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