Церковь Вознесения

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Церковь Вознесения
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Очень хорошо

Andrew M
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The oldest church in town
авг. 2018 г. • Семейный отдых
The Ascension Church was built between 1843-1855, making it the oldest church in town. It was built on the highest point of a fairly flat town, so is visible from most areas in the town. The church has a large central helmet shaped gold dome, which is 11 meters in diameter. It is surrounded by four smaller blue plated domes. All domes have orthodox crosses atop. The three tiered bell tower also has a blue plated dome, and this is the highest dome. The bell tower is 56 meters high. The church is built in a simple yet classical style with many arches. All the windows also have arch shapes.

The church was built with brick and plaster, and though it has held up well over the years, seems to be in need of repair. We were a little disappointed that there were not much cast iron works evident on the exterior, besides the domes. The only other iron works that we saw, were the fence around the church, and the partial railing on the second story of the bell tower. The church was built with donations from workers at the Kasli plant, and would have been a structure in the 1850's that persons would have traveled far distances to see.

Our favourite section of the church, were the brick arches at the main entrance, which was topped by a dome and orthodox cross..There were cast iron images of saints on either sideof the doors and above the entrance. The church badly needed painting, and we hope that the required maintainance work is carried out soon..
Опубликовано 30 ноября 2018 г.
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