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Mini Resort Fontana Maggiore Вопросы и Ответы

Вена, Австрия

We would love to stay at this place for 2 nights (Saturday evening to Monday morning). I'm a bit concerned about parking, since we have a rather big car (van). I hope the nearby garage will not be too small (hight?). I read about the free parking near the Stadium. Is this a safe place to leave the car (its brand new and will only be 3 months old at time of travel)? I assume street parking is free on weekends, but it's probably not easy finding a spot?

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Eva S
Перуджа, Италия
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Dear Susanne, as I wrote in my reply a few hours ago, the closest carpark is Garage Priori. There's no problem for the dimensions of your van. Anyway, the free parking at the stadium is safe and even on week ends you can always find a place. I'm at your disposal for further questions. Many thanks for your request.

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