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Karma Royal Boat Lagoon Вопросы и Ответы

Хабаровск, Россия

From November 10, we're going on vacation, staying at your hotel will be the first time. I want to know what it means accommodation at Villa Royal Lighthouse Villas at Boat Lagoon, double villa (4 people), is there a photo? And what additional services the hotel offers. I am interested in WiFi, car rental, Russian channel TV, laundry., Russian-speaking guide.?

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Bali, Indonesia
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Hi Elena V,

Thank you for your message. Please accept our apologies for the delay.

Responding to your questions, Two Bedroom Villa is a unit category consisting of 2 separate bedrooms to accommodate 4 people with privacy of 4 complete with living/dining area. It's the same with Two Bedroom unit, only 1 difference, it doesn't have sofa bed in living area to accommodate additional 2 people. Unfortunately we do not have photos handy to show.

In regard to WiFi and car rental services, they are available on-site. As a matter of fact, you can get WiFi connection in the room. Unfortunately, we do not at this time have Russian TV channel but we are working to get it installed, not sure though whether it could be up and running by the time you get in but would certainly try. We can organize Russian speaking guide should you wish for us to, cost is THB 1000 per day. Upon arrival, please speak with reception.

Hope the above has responded to your message. Look forward to welcoming you at the Royal Lighthouse Villas at Boat Lagoon soon.

Best regards,

Grace da Costa

RLVBL Concierge

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