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Nikki's Nest

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Мы находились 2 недели в этом отеле в номере, находящемся на 1-м этаже под рестораном. Добрались без проблем-Трансфер от отеля забрал нас с аэропорта. Заселили быстро и отправили сразу на завтрак, который они ожидая нас не убрали. Плюс пункт отелю. После завтрака мы через дорогу
Ответил(а) mariajacob_13, Owner, Nikki's Nest
Ответ написан 9 мар. 2018 г.
Greetings from Nikki's Nest! Thank you for your kind review on Nikki's Nest. We are happy you appreciated all areas of service and thank you for understanding about the temple bells and chants. This is indeed India and at the same time we take care of the needs of the Europeans like you mentioned. Regarding our sister concern Duke's Forest Lodge, we are surprised that you encountered with a disappointing experience because it is much appreciated by our Ayurveda clients. We have had clients who have extended their stay just because they fell in love with the whole ambiance, treatment and service. We did inquire with our staff what went wrong and came to realize that there was just a lot of unfortunate miscommunication regarding the room key and other such related matters. We don't understand the complaint of sleeping staff because all of them have their allotted break timings and they take turns regarding their duties. They are most often found to be vigilant and efficient but we will make sure that there won't be any more lapses, if there were any. We value your review as it helps us to improve our services and thank you for staying with us at Nikki's Nest and Duke's Forest Lodge. Hope your Ayurveda treatments were beneficial for you and thank you for choosing us as your Ayurveda cure destination. Take Care Warm Regards, Maria and Nikki
Огромный сад с цветами и несмотря на то,что сам комплекс уже не новый, в этом присутствует свой неповторимый шарм.Божественость привносит рядом лежащий храм Шивы.Очень удобный спуск к океану,чем не может похвастаться даже Манальтерам.Прекрасный персонал заботиться о
Ответил(а) mariajacob_13, Public Relations Manager, Nikki's Nest
Ответ написан 16 янв. 2016 г.
Greetings from Nikki's Nest It was a pleasure having you and your family stay with us at Nikki's Nest. We were as excited as you were to celebrate the birthday of your daughter and thank you for letting us be part of the celebrations. Thank you for taking the time to give us a review on trip advisor, and choosing us as your holiday destination and we hope you continue to do so in the future. We are happy to know that you enjoyed your stay with us as much as we enjoyed serving you ! Cheers, Nikki :)
Помните выражение из знаменитого фильма, растащенного на цитаты: "Париж - город контрастов". Не Париж, а Стамбул? Какая разница! Всё равно... Так вот, то что Индия - страна контрастов - для меня в полной мере воплотилось именно в отеле Никкис Нест. За три недели проживания там
Ответил(а) mariajacob_13, Owner, Nikki's Nest
Ответ написан 27 июн. 2015 г.
Greetings from Nikki's Nest ! Thank you for taking the time to give us a very detailed review on Trip advisor. Yes, as you mentioned we have cottages sprawled across three sections, outlined with palm trees and orchids. However unlike what you said, that our staff speak fluent German and only a spattering of English is in fact quite the reverse. It is a fact that most of our guests are Germans and it is also a fact that most of our guests speak reasonably good English. However when a need for translation does arise which is very rare, we certainly get in a translator. But in your case, when you were staying with us there was a lovely family who knew Russian. They were only too pleased to help and guide you. But if you were unhappy at that point of time, it would have been nice if you could have informed us so that we could have provided you with a translator, just for yourself. We are very serious about our housekeeping which is done on a daily basis. We have kept towel/bed linen change cards in the room as well as the bathroom. This is purely because we are very conscious of the environment and we like to move towards sustainable/eco tourism by saving water and detergents. Kerala enjoying a tropical climate, has a wide variety of insects and other such creatures which is part and parcel of our life here. Much as we take care to clean the room everyday, sometimes from the garden little creatures once in a while ( not dangerous at all) may find its way into the room through an open door or window. These creatures who occasionally make their appearance can be stopped by spraying poisonous pesticides. But, we at Nikki's Nest do not wish to do this as it harms the environment and the guests. And for this very reason is why we have those nets on the window frame, allowing fresh air in but keeping away the bugs and beetles. Maybe the colour we chose for the net is dark but at that point of time it was the only available colour. And discarding nets that are still in very god condition again adds to garbage on earth. However when the need arises, we will make sure we will change them to a lighter colour, thank you for bringing that to our notice. As for the pigeons and their friends in the ceiling, it happens in all roofs and ceilings and we are certainly not going to chase them away. They do not come inside the rooms to cause any disturbance to the guests. And in fact we have no idea what flooded your room. The staff were shocked at our inquiry and we personally went to your room and did a through check. Yes we are 18 years old, no doubt and we are proud about it. Nothing is rotting within us, and as usual our annual maintenance is now going on as June/July is our lowest season. This will certainly take care as we do take care each year of anything that ages with time. Our cottages are fairly comfortable for a couple. The little sit out is large enough, the room is adequately spacious and not cluttered with unnecessary things. The dressing area as well as the bathroom ( which is certainly not tiny) but in proportion to the room. We have made sure that the bathroom contains all the western comforts and do not see any reason why one should be displeased. We never claimed that every room is on top of the hill, it clearly says in our adds that the property is a " sloping hill" which means the cottages are spread across the slope. And as for the temple and the bells, we are trying to talk to the temple authorities to bring down the volume of music and bells bit, but after all you must realize it's this is India with it's varied culture and heritage. Having spoken to the doctor, it was noted that no intern was your therapist. In fact all our therapists are experienced in the panchakarma treatment methods, and they have been working with Nikki's Nest for at least 4 years, some even more. Further every offseason we give all our therapists additional training under the guidance of our doctors. But, ofcourse the energy between the therapist and client is very important and sometimes it does not work, which is why when you were not happy with your therapist, we gave you another person. All our guests experience only one therapist during their entire stay with us of 2-3 weeks or more (unless they request for a change, which again is very rare), however, as you insisted on synchronsied massages, few more therapists were needed and hence, over the course of your stay with us, 7 of them would have been at your service. Having consulted our doctor, it has been brought to my notice that Ayurveda is a science of life and not a massage therapy, and hence the texts of Ayurveda only explain oil applications and never fully elaborate on the " techniques through a which a massage should be conducted" hence, the technique of the massage differ from one doctors training to another, depending on one's basic constitution. At Nikki's Nest we only offer authentic classic Ayurvedic therapy, and therefore the medicines we use are classical Ayurvedic products, however, you had requested for medicines that we do not use at Nikki's Nest, because we question the quality of that medication as it is produced form a different company. Further with language difficulties, it took a little bit longer, to get the medicine you wanted. Regarding the faded gowns and "holey" sheets, we use natural cotton material, and some of our guests do not wish to wipe the oil of their body completely after treatment, and so we need to natural products to absorb the oil, and we use hot water in the powder laundry. This tends to fade the colours in the first few washes, but the fabric still remains strong as gowns are stitched to last a season, it is only fair that we use the gown for few months at least before discarding. This again helps to reduce waste. It was unfortunate that your gown was faded, but when you think deeply about the environment and our keen interest in trying to be eco friendly, I'm sure you will appreciate. Every year when we sort out our linen during the low season, all our discarded pieces of fabric go to the local animal shelter. This helps in zero waste. We keep our safe in the reception because it is safer there than in the room. However at the end of your review you mentioned that the treatments were effective (which is what we hear from all our guests) so we believe it is essentially due to the treatment food and the atmosphere that has gained us the trip advisor certificate of excellence for the year 2015. This year we also have a second piece of happiness to share as we received the award from Fit Reisen for being one of the highest quality and best rated hotels for strong service orientation and clear focus on spa and health and excellent reviews from our guests. Anyway, thank you for choosing us as your holiday destination and we hope to see you again so that you will experience more positive vibes from us. Regards, Maria and Nikki
Данные отзывы были переведены с английского языка с использованием машинного перевода. Показать машинный перевод?
Отличный, в основном европейская клиентура, немцы, швейцарцы и австрийцыЕда - восхитительный, хороший вегетарианский выборАюрведические процедуры ежедневно, йога каждый день, но не обязательно.Красивая обстановка, окруженной пальмами и расположен очень близко к океану.Причал
Этот приятный курорт древнеиндийской рецепты хорошо расположен, с видом на длинный пляж. Профессиональные Доктора английского и персонал процедуры и внимательный персонал, в целом. Немного индивидуализированные делать это кажется, никаких blod экзамены и т.д. Знакомое атмосфера.
110 $ - 229 $ (На основе среднего тарифа для стандартного номера)
nikki`s nest hotel kovalamnikkis nest kovalam
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