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Park Motel
Парк Мотель

О нас
Travellers' Choice Победитель 2018 года
Сертификат качества
Услуги и удобства в отеле
Бесплатная парковка
Бесплатный WiFi
Пандусы для кресел-каталок
Питомцы разрешены
WiFi в общественных местах
Отель для некурящих
Оснащенность номера
Номера для некурящих
Номера для людей с ограниченными возможностями
Микроволновая печь
Холодильник в комнате
Полезная информация
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Мы с женой останавливались в двойной двуспальной кровати с номером кухни. Чистый, удобный и тихий. Также близко к магазинам, места, где можно поесть и кафе.Отличный вид на холмы.Мы не остановились бы снова проблемы.
Ответил(а) parkmotelhope, Manager, Парк Мотель
Ответ написан 31 июл. 2017 г.
Would love to have you back...no problem. *smile* Cheers and thank you!
Мой друг и я останавливались в Мотеле Парка прошлым летом, когда другой большой Ванкувер - Долину Фрейзера - развлечения ущелья Фрейзера. Мы решили, что отсутствование в Надежда предлагал здоровую среду в противоположность отдыха в GVA или Долине Фрейзера - хороший. Несомненно, м
Ответил(а) parkmotelhope, Manager, Парк Мотель
Ответ написан 31 июл. 2017 г.
Dear PookyCake: 1) Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to write the word PookyCake. Kinda awesome 2) Thank you for the great review! 3) Come back ANY time! 4) I like physical keys too. Makes the room feel like its really 'mine'. *smile* CHEERS!
Останавливались здесь на одну ночь на пути к Ванкуверу. Владелец очень дружелюбный и дал нам много представления для ресторанов и посетить тоннели Отелло (как нам и им очень рекомендую). Номер был чистым и имел две удобные двуспальные кровати.Единственное, что мне понравилось, чт
Ответил(а) parkmotelhope, Manager, Парк Мотель
Ответ написан 31 июл. 2017 г.
PimDutch: Thanks for the review...glad you found the Tunnels amazing and the beds comfy! *smile* Its true we don't use white sheets...this is the first time the issue has ever come up in all the years I have worked...so I find that interesting...but we not only have fresh clean sheets daily, we have fresh clean covers and blankets as well (and of course, towels). Most motels do not wash the entire bed...we do. One sniff will attest to how fresh they are. As far as the pillows go, again, we rarely here anything about them as most people are very fussy about their pillows and many bring their own these days (s I do when travelling). The ones that don't have not complained, save for this and maybe one other review months ago, so I say fair enough...and I guess we'll keep them as is. In any case, thanks again for taking the time to review us!
Мы сделали ночную остановку в пути в городе надежды, и этот отель был в отличном месте и удовлетворил наши потребности. Очень простые, но чистые и дружелюбные хозяева. Рекомендую этот отель для недолгого пребывания. Довольно просторная и удобная кровать.
Ответил(а) parkmotelhope, Manager, Парк Мотель
Ответ написан 31 июл. 2017 г.
Thank you for taking the time to review us...hope to see you again!
Доброжелательный персонал. ОЧЕНЬ чистые номера!! Превосходное качество. Очень удобные хорошо обставленные номера. пешая доступность до магазинов и кафе. Тихое место. Легкий найти. Проверенные другие Мотели, когда мы прибыли. Это действительно - лучшее!
Ответил(а) parkmotelhope, Manager, Парк Мотель
Ответ написан 31 июл. 2017 г.
ccmr4: Thanks for the nice review...I will tell housekeeping they are being appreciated by our grateful guests! Cheers!
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cozy and tidy
View of property
View of Motel from the street
Have made a booking for this motel and was wondering if there are any plates and cutlery provided (since there is a microwave)? Also do they provide breakfast?
Kitchen utensils etc...are only provided in kitchen units. All rooms have microwaves.
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Just a reply to Case L (above) who thinks he was screwed over: it's up to YOU to know when check in time is and if you arrive AFTER closing, without YOU having phoned to say you were going to be late, then the hotel has the right to mark you as a NO SHOW and charge you. They aren't mind readers...so should they have waited up hours and hours after closing time, hoping you'd show up? Had you called them, they could have rented the room out to another guest if they knew you werent going to show up and maybe not have charged you, even though they have a 48 hr cancelation policy. Why should they lose money because of your mistake? You screwed yourself buddy.
If I don't call my hotel I booked to tell them I will be late and arriving after the check in time, then its my fault, not theirs. And they don't have to call me to ask if I'm coming...that would be a courtesy and not mandatory...so if they called you, or tried to, good on them! If you cant find the call, maybe a wrong or different (a wife's) number was initially given. Nevertheless...they don't have to call you and you need to call them. Its always best to read policies before booking as all motels or hotels have different rules. I used to run a motel so I know...and the guest cannot demand a refund for their own mistake. Motels are not charities. They are a business. Hard lesson learned and his bad review shows a severe lack of maturity.
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It would be good to know the rates online instead of waste time driving there espesially when you had a long day and just want to sleep. It's good to go on google and view the rates and decided
Hello, Thank you for your question. We do not post our rates online for 3 reasons: 1) we prefer to either speak/email one on one with our potential guests to give them personalized service wherein many questions can be answered besides rates 2) our rates can fluctuate as we give discounts for BCAA, Gov workers, Seniors, Return Customers and a few other reasons (plus Pet Friendly Fees) and 3) we have separate High and Low Season rates. All of which make online visual rates deceiving at first glance and hardly a true reflection of our final rates. Telephoning/emailing for rates ensures no driving time is wasted and we get a chance to talk and choose a room perfect for you and your needs. If one is already online looking for rates/motels, then a query to us is at ones fingertips. We are always happy to speak or email with you. Thanks.Denise Park Motel Manager
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54 $ - 84 $ (На основе среднего тарифа для стандартного номера)
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