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The Swan Hotel
Свон Отель

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Swan Hotel явно провел много времени, усилия и денег на ремонт номеров. Наш был так недавно оформлен, что немного стене только закончили одно пальто! Двуспальная кровать была двумя односпальными, сдвинутыми вместе с простыней двуспальной кровати, но достаточно удобно, хотя
Ответил(а) David H, Front of House Supervisor, Свон Отель
Ответ написан 6 дек. 2017 г.
Good Evening, I am sorry to hear you did not enjoy your stay all to well, We have recently upgraded the windows in most of the rooms, and intend to do so accross the whole hotel. Unfortunatly we cannot control the noise that the ajacent rom was creating and can only appologise for the disterbance during your stay. Kind Regards The Swan Hotel
Забронировал этот отель раньше мы раньше устраняли моих пожилых родителей на ночь. Учитывая веб-сайт они явно отражают цены и что вы получаете для завтрака и т.д. Представьте мое удивление, и в целом, наше разочарование от обнаружении, что оплата будет взята 7 предшествующих
Ответил(а) David H, Front of House Supervisor, Свон Отель
Ответ написан 6 дек. 2017 г.
Good Evening, Thank you for your feedback, as with most hotels our terms and conditions are clearly displayed on our website under the section marked Terms and Conditions. The first paragraph of our T&C's states: "Guests may book in advance or on arrival. Rooms are subject to availability and the Company reserves the right to refuse any Booking for good reason. Accommodation must be paid for at least 7 days prior to arrival. Final settlement is required on your departure. Guests may be required to fully prepay or provide a deposit at the time of the Booking, or, on arrival at The Hotel; at the Managers discretion. Guests may also pay for accommodation before 7 days prior to arrival." When booking through our website, on the agreement of booking these terms and conditions are also shown. As for our refund and cancellation policy, we are a small family run hotel and we require this policy throughout our busier times of the year, such as July. This is also clearly stated in our T&C's, it also states that if we can resell the room we will offer a complete refund to the original booker. I hope this answers your complaint and Is not underhanded in any way. Kind Regards The Swan Hotel.
У нас был наш свадебный вечер в комнате для мероприятий на 80 плюс люди, и от начала просьбы прямо до самого вечера владельцы и персонал не могли быть более услужливыми.В конце концов мы выбрали "золотой" буфет пальца, который был за пределами наших ожиданий, блюда красиво
Ответил(а) David H, Front of House Staff, Свон Отель
Ответ написан 6 дек. 2017 г.
Thank you for your review we are pleased that your event was a success and look forward to your next visit with us at the Swan Hotel.
Ночью доступом и ключевым использованием был не объяснил по прибытии. В ванной пахло нечистотами, все время и бутылка воды и ближайшим к ванной, должно быть, поглотили запах этого, потому что он вонял и пробовала ужасным. (Номер 11 лет)Овощная Лазанья была ужасной. Это 95%-й сыр
Ответил(а) David H, Manager, Свон Отель
Ответ написан 18 июл. 2017 г.
Thank you for your review on your stay here. In regards to the late night access being explained I do apologise but we would have happily explained about it if you had mentioned you would be staying out late. After reading your comments about the bad smell from the bathroom, I have personally been up to room 11 but there is no bad smell. I can only suggest that when you stayed here with us would have been around the time our surrounding farms spread muck which may have explained the smell, unfortunately this is part of being in the English countryside. However if you had brought this to our attention during your stay we may have been able to of moved you to another of our rooms. Also I am very sad that you didn't mention how unhappy you were with your meal at the time and given us the opportunity to do something about it. If our guests are not happy we always do our best to rectify the problem at the time. Thank you for your lovely comments about the staff and the spacious room. If you do chose to stay with us again and have any issues, please do let us know.
Очень удобно для прогулок Котсуолдского Пути. Отель в процессе ремонта. Наш номер был недавно оформлен, и в ванной были хорошие удобства. Персонал был дружелюбным и эффективным. Завтрак был хорошим.
Ответил(а) David H, Manager, Свон Отель
Ответ написан 13 июл. 2017 г.
Thank you for your review of your recent stay here with us. We do have some necessary maintenance work being carried out at present on our ladies toilets which will be completed very soon. All our rooms however have recently been refurbished so we are very pleased to hear you enjoyed your facilities. We hope you enjoyed the Cotswold way walk and thank you for staying here with us.
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Plenty of refreshments in the room.
The sleigh bed in room one
steps leading into bathroom
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Фотография предоставлена руководством Свон Отель
are dogs allowed
Hi Alan, We are a pet friendly hotel. With meals, we allow dogs in the bar and snug areas. With accommodation, there is an extra charge of £10 per pet per night. Many thanks, Cameron
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