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Abbey Lodge Blackpool
Эбби Лодж Блэкпул

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Мы останавливались в Летнем коттедже Аббатства Блэкпул от 19 th до 23 резерфордов июня в этом году. По прибытии меня не поприветствовал владелец. Вместо этого, женщина, работающая там, взяла наше бронирование Groupon и показала мне и моему другу три лестничных пролета, хотя я
Ответил(а) AbbeyHotel, Owner, Эбби Лодж Блэкпул
Ответ написан 11 июл. 2017 г.
Oh Gracie, how I've been waiting for your review/ It seemed from the moment you arrived you were gonna make everything someone else's problem. I don't think in all my years I've actually met anyone like you. On arrival, the lady that worked there (my 75 yr old mother) welcomed you into the building and explained what time breakfast was, and offered a cooked breakfast for £4.00 which you said you didn't eat breakfast and wouldn't be down for it. true to your word, you never came down So how do you know the croissants were stale I don't know (we buy them in fresh each morning and it's not the only thing served on the groupon breakfast). My mum showed you how to use the automatic lock on the security door. I was the one that took your cases to your room. at no point did you mention you had a disability, not when you checked in or when you made your booking. it was on the second day you informed us that you had a neurology condition. You came down in the evening and asked for a taxi, which was called for you. you returned in the evening and told us all about your evening, we were sat in the garden as we were in the middle of a heat wave. you didn't come down for breakfast but I saw you as I was hoovering the bedrooms. you approached me and asked if I was the manager, which I said yes, you started to say that your room was far too hot and literally accused me of being my fault and what was I gonna do about it! I offered you a tower fan, a desk fan and you already had another fan in the room, I'm neither God or Micheal fish, I can neither control the weather or predict it! When we entered your room to clean it, it was like walking into a wind tunnel. there was no smell of drains, just the overwhelming smell of skunk cannabis. your room resembled a teenager's bedroom, there was just mess everywhere. even though we provide you with a bin in both the ensuite and the bedroom, you chose to leave your rubbish on the sides and the hospitality tray covered in used wrappers and tea bags. We found your room to be in this state every morning, considering you say we were under staffed, we cleaned your room every day, this you fail to mention this. you never used all the facilities in the suit, you used the shower cubicle to store your suitcases, and never used the towels so I can only presume you never used the sink either (4-day stay) You say we are understaffed??? a 10 bedroomed B&B can be run by one person, we have a cleaner, myself and Dean and also my mum helps out, the same 75-year-old woman you expected to cart your heavy luggage up the stairs, your 25 years younger than her! You say you were treated like a second class citizen, we treated you the same as everyone else that we had staying. it wasn't a B&B you needed it was a respite facility! On the second morning of your stay (yet again you didn't come down for breakfast) you approached me as I was cleaning the rooms and said you had knocked a whole mug of tea into the draw and that you had removed the drawer full of tea and placed it directly onto the bed to clean it out and the tea had soaked through the duvet pillows and the bedding, i wonder if you would have done this in your own home? doubt it. who would do this? I never complained, I said I would change your bed when I came to do your room tidy, at no point did i mention that I was concerned over the bedding, I told you not to worry about it, you seem to hold me personally responsible for what you'd done. I entered your room (yet again it was trashed) I changed your bed, you had saturated it with tea, it was everywhere! and there it was again, the overpowering smell of home grown weed. I saw you later on that day, you took the opportunity to have a bash over how hot your room was, you went to lecture me on how the building was making your room too hot. I pointed out that Britain was in the grips of a heat wave, Phillip Schofield had taken to Twitter the night before to say the heat was insufferable! no no no, it must be my fault and you demanded a flat sheet, i said we don't use flat sheets, we only use fitted. at what point you thought my answer didn't suffice I don't know, at the end of the day you had 3 fans in there and one was a high powered tower fan. Kate Bush could of recorded the video to withering heights in there. You managed to spill some kind of glue product all over my carpet! On the day you checked out it was 12:30 when I knocked your door to enquire what time you were leaving, you proceeded to start lecturing me again and generally trying to condescend me that I'd actually give up. (check out is 10 am) I was stood there with the cleaner, waiting to clean your room. You threw your cases onto the landing ripping my wallpaper as I stood there, as you passed me, you said to your husband very loudly "don't expect any help". so yeah, I actually thought "don't". in all my years I don't think I've ever come across such a character as yourself, and I hope I never will. When you departed, my understaffed team gave a sigh of relief and we just laughed. sometimes people want more than you can give them, they turn up at your door and expect it answered with someone with a silver spoon in their mouth and a towel draped over their arm. Whatever you paid for your room, I can honestly say it wasn't enough.
Мы забронировали отель через Groupon как ребенок бесплатная пару дней далеко и нашли этот маленький be&be, чтобы быть маленькая жемчужина места. Так как это была Groupon, предложение был с континентальным завтраком, включенным, которого было более чем достаточно, чтобы увидеть
Забронированный через Groupon после чтения хороших отзывов - и я так рад, мы выбрали Летний коттедж Аббатства! По прибытию нас приветствовал Пэт, который дал нам очень информативное введение, направив нас к нашим номерам и ответив на любые вопросы. Сначала, когда мы вошли в
Забронированный этот отель в течение 2 ночей после чтения хороших отзывов относительно завтрака и т.д.Когда мы прибыли, нам сказал Декан, что он был самостоятельно и поэтому не сможет обеспечить приготовленный завтрак, это было разочаровывающим, поскольку это - большая часть
Ответил(а) AbbeyHotel, Owner, Эбби Лодж Блэкпул
Ответ написан 25 мая 2017 г.
Dear fitz9047!! Thank you soooo much for taking the time to write a review, I feel like there are a few discrepancies in your account of your stay. CORRECT,When we arrived we were told by Dean that he was on his own. When you arrived i did say I was on my own as Steve had to go home to look after his mum. FALSE, and therefore would not be able to provide a cooked breakfast, this was disappointing as this is a big part of our holiday - therefore we had to pay for breakfast elsewhere for 2 mornings! You weren't refused a breakfast. On the Groupon deal, it is a continental breakfast, this consists of tea, coffee, toast and preserves, orange juice, cereal, fruit, cereal bars, fruit, croissants, and brioche. (clearly described on Groupon website when you made your booking) You choose not to come down in the morning for it. CORRECT, You were offered a cooked breakfast, upon arrival for £4.00 per person, which you refused. FALSE, Also we were told we should have enough toilet roll for now but he was going to get some that day. In every room, there is three toilet rolls, one on the toilet roll holder and two on the shelf. Why after being here for just one night would you require more? If you came down the stairs in the morning, I would have been cleaning rooms or i would have been doing room tidies, either way, I would have been cleaning your room and would have seen you needed toilet roll, why you felt the need to take it out of the downstairs bathroom is beyond me. CORRECT,on first night to be told there was no draught beer in the bar and Dean was going out anyway. We don't do draught beer, we only serve canned lager, bitter cider, and Guinness. We are only a small guest house not a public house, which are plentiful in Blackpool. I said to you, "once everyone has gone out, I'm gonna have an early night. CORRECT, the pump that supplies pressure to the showers had tripped, once it had been reset you had running hot water. CORRECT, even after paying a reduced price on a Groupon deal, not so much of a deal. You did pay a reduced price for your room 50% reduced price for your room. We strive to serve every guest with a high standard regardless of what they have paid for it. You paid £12.50 per head for your booking. CORRECT, thank heavens we hadn't paid full price!!! Yep, to sum it up you got a clean ensuite room with TOILET ROLLS X3 plus what you gained from the downstairs bathroom, toiletriess, fresh towels. A well equipped bedroom, tastefully decorated with a memory foam mattress dressed in good quality linen and with duck down duvet and pillows. A hospitality tray consisting of 6 individually wrapped PG teabags, 6 nescafe sachets, 12 sachets of sugar, 8 pots of milk, two packets of biscuits. A hair dryer, a fan, an ironing board and iron, not bad for £12.50 per head is it, you wouldn't get a Chinese takeaway for that on a specials night!!!!
Во-первых, я выбрал этот отель, должный его расположение, будучи пятью минутами ходьбы в Central Pier, но достаточно далеко от Зимние садов, где я присутствовал на 4-дневной конференции, чтобы дать мне прогулку прежде и после.Прочитав отзывы от TripAdvisor, я не был подведен
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Dust growing on the inside of the light shades.
The bathroom "light-cord".
The quality of the bathroom fixtures, caked in rust.
is it near north pier and suitable for disabled
thankyou no good for me then im in a wheelchair
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Hi can someone advise what the car parking arrangements are? will there be no restrictions on road parking in this street after November 10th? are rooms all en suite
all rooms are en suite....very quiet and comfortable .
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Hi Cath. thanks for the review, unfotunatly the management response doesnt belong to your review appologies.
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