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Cedar Falls Health Farm
Сидар Фолс Хэлс Фарм

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Мы с мамой останавливались в Сидар-Фоллз много лет, теперь я живу в Швейцарии, поэтому мы пытаемся сделать шел два раза в году визит. Мы имели отдых на одну ночь в июле и имели исключительный уход приятным персоналом. Шеф-повар был очень любезен по всем параметрам еды мам. Я
У нас был обильный отдых в Сидар-Фоллз и можем честно сказать, что это должно быть один из наших любимых направлений короткого отдыха. Отель становится все лучше и лучше и лучше. Номер, который нам дали, был недавно отремонтирован и был красивым. Весь персонал просто прекрасно.
Я только что провел замечательные выходные в Сидар-Фоллз как подарок на день рождения от друга. С момента нашего последнего приезда множество улучшений были сделаны к декору, обновляющему его немного. Обслуживание клиентов остается тем же самым - замечательный. Это расслабляет,
Три друга использование брошюры Travelzoo, это был наш третий визит. Мы прекрасно провели время, так как он очень понравился сбор, но я должен сказать, что Сидар-Фоллз выглядит немного изношенным и на хранение в 70 с. Персонал молодой и приятный, но очень очевидно не обучен.
После моего отзыва на TripAdvisor, я получил письмо от Сидар-Фоллз, запрещающего мне какие-либо будущие поездки туда. Мой отзыв ниже:Приехал сюда на отдых на одну ночь с ужином и завтраком, номер был потрясающим, отличный персонал, отличный спа и отличные врачи. Мы много раз
Ответил(а) Mona-0000, Guest Relations Manager, Сидар Фолс Хэлс Фарм
Ответ написан 22 июл. 2017 г.
So all can see our "side of the story" please read the letter that was sent to this guest. Dear Mrs M It has been brought to my attention of your very unfavourable review regarding our food that you have posted on Trip Advisor. I will have to refute most of what you have said. Firstly regarding the breakfast that we provide. Our breakfast is nutritionally balanced and carefully chosen to give you the perfect start to your day. There are suggestions of choices and portion control to help you have the correct calorie intake. Our breakfast buffet includes juices, freshly prepared fruit platter, figs, prunes, apricots, fruit compote, yogurts, nuts and seeds, five different cereals, our homemade Bircher muesli, cottage cheese, ryvitas, nut butter and a choice of breads and preserves. We also provide hot freshly made porridge to order, and of course there is the a la carte menu to choose from as well. So, how you say it has gone downhill really mystifies me, as is your suggestion of providing Danish pastries and croissants which are highly calorific and are obviously not at all suitable for us to provide. Just in case it had slipped your mind......we are actually a health spa ! On to lunch, you said that there were nuts in, and I quote " many dishes", I know this was not the case. Out of around the twelve salad type dishes that are chosen and prepared daily, there are only ever two that contain nuts, which would be the Waldorf salad which has walnuts, and the freshly made pesto which of course has pine nuts in it. Regarding dinner, I understand that there was an issue with the beef that was served, which resulted in some complaints. I can only apologise that this particular dish was not up to our usual high standard. On a positive note it was lovely to hear that you found the accommodation fabulous, and that our spa facilities and therapists excellent, and also our staff to be friendly. However as I am deeply upset by your comments, I am afraid future visits to Cedar Falls are now unavailable to you. I will therefore politely ask that no future bookings are made by yourself, this also includes the purchasing of special offers that we sometimes run via Travel Zoo, as refusal to allow you onto our premises would no doubt cause embarrassment for yourself as well as our staff members. Yours sincerely, Mrs D S Cedar Falls Management
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The Triple Room at the Cedar Falls Health Farm
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The Second Twin Room at the Cedar Falls Health Farm
Профессиональные фотографии, выполненные по заказу TripAdvisorСидар Фолс Хэлс Фарм
The Churchill Double Room at the Cedar Falls Health Farm
Is the outdoor pool heated?
Yes it is.
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My friend and I are looking for a spa day later this month, can you please give me some idea of what we can expect and how much Thank you
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Can you tell me which rooms have been refurbished?
How many bedrooms and suites does the hotel have??
Hi, sorry for not replying, I've been away until today. We stayed in the Baden Powell suite on the ground floor. There are still quite a few steps around low, but only a few at a time and my Mum that finds steps difficult, could manage ok in her own time. You probably have already contacted them direct now, but I am sure it will all be possible for you! Kind regards Debs
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122 $ - 253 $ (На основе среднего тарифа для стандартного номера)
cedar falls health farm hotel tauntoncedar falls relaxation centre taunton
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