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Tradewinds McLeod Holiday Apartments
Трейдвиндс Маклеод Холидей Апартаменты

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Этот комплекс находится в Северном Кэрнсе, но в нескольких минутах ходьбы от торгового центра или Эспланады. Это очень тихо, другие гости были очень внимательны, квартиры были тихими, и казалось, что почти никто не был там, хотя на автостоянке указано иначе. Уэйн был очень
Ответил(а) Tradewinds_McLeod, General Manager, Трейдвиндс Маклеод Холидей Апартаменты
Ответ написан 17 июл. 2018 г.
Thanks for your great review. I am glad people are recognising our efforts to keep the place up to scratch piece by piece. It doesn't happen all at once but piece by piece. Last year we replaced all the cooking pots and pans with good quality ones, this year we replaced the lounge sofas. It is all the guest feedback that brings around all these changes. Once people start mentioning things are getting old or worn out we do something about it so the place doesn't get run down. Every year we do something to all the units to keep the standards up based on guest feedback. Unfortunately I think just about every hotel has at least some street front apartments, not much we can do, but as you say, when night comes there is not much noise at all. Just remember everyone, if you book any hotel, BOOK DIRECT AND SAVE!!. Booking though third party websites costs you extra, with us its around 15-20% more you pay. These third party website have to earn a living, this is through commissions the guest pay to use them for booking a room.
Время отклика на любые вопросы соответствует или лучше всего лучших отелей. Уэйн и Линда профессиональны во всех отношениях. Я очень надеюсь вернуться сюда. Всякий раз, когда нам нужно было, что Уэйн или Линда были там, чтобы помочь нам. Апартаменты просторные и содержатся в
Ответил(а) Tradewinds_McLeod, General Manager, Трейдвиндс Маклеод Холидей Апартаменты
Ответ написан 17 июл. 2018 г.
Ron, Thanks for the great review here. I pride myself on my response time, within an hour or even quicker I try to get replies back unless I'm asleep. We are always here to assist with anything anyone needs to make you all feel like a valued guest as quickly as we can. Be great to have you back again one day. Just remember everyone, BOOK DIRECT AND SAVE, you can save up to around 15-20% by booking direct with us compared to using third party websites.
Мы много раз останавливались в Tradewinds McLeod и будем продолжать оставаться там, пробовав другие мотели. Уэйн и Линда всегда полезны и делают наше пребывание максимально приятным. Всегда есть переоборудование, начиная с новой кухни и ванных комнат, до великолепных садов и
Ответил(а) Tradewinds_McLeod, General Manager, Трейдвиндс Маклеод Холидей Апартаменты
Ответ написан 7 мая 2018 г.
Was great to see you back again, I am glad you have noticed all the improvements we are constantly doing all the time when you came back, gives us reassurance that we are doing the right thing and listening to feedback received to get the place improved. Middle of May 2018 we are getting all new lounge sofas for the rooms, plus some other renovations coming up over the next couple of months that will improve the guest experience even more. Look forward to seeing you again next time and see what you can see has been done here next. Remember to book direct and save. For anyone else who reads this, when you book direct you save up to 15% compared to third party websites, save even more, use the promo code "TRIPAD20" on our official website booking page to get a 20% discount for 2 days or more stay. so that is up to 35% off booking compared to booking through third party websites. This has limited availability, you can always try it, valid for beginning of 2018 though.
Очень подходит для семейного отдыха, номера были чистые, но немного устаревшие, но соотношение цены и качества в то же время. Машина необходима, к счастью, мы довели Кэрнс, так что, если вы хотите дойти быстро, было бы такси или иначе, потребовалось бы время и вернемся для
Ответил(а) Tradewinds_McLeod, General Manager, Трейдвиндс Маклеод Холидей Апартаменты
Ответ написан 28 июл. 2017 г.
Thanks for your great review. We are slowly going through rooms replacing outdated furniture, a lot have been done so far, still several to go, but the we are working on it slowly, its a process that will take a few years as funds and time present themselves. We are also working on the common area putting in new paths, lighting and painting to improve the look. Whether or not a car is needed is up to the guest, some walk into the city and back every day, some get a taxi, some get a bus from the bus stop over the road, some hire a car, once in a while some hire a bicycle, everyone is different. Hope to see you again some day. Everyone, just remember to book direct for the best price guaranteed.
Отличный сам содержавшее экономичный вариант для семей. Апартаменты были чистыми и хорошо оборудованными. Мы (семья 2 A/3 C) останавливались здесь на 1 / 52, используя апартаменты в качестве базы. Относительно близко к центру (общественный транспорт рядом, если у вас нет нами
Ответил(а) Tradewinds_McLeod, Manager, Трейдвиндс Маклеод Холидей Апартаменты
Ответ написан 5 июл. 2017 г.
DrK, Thanks for your great review, was lovely having you stay with us and we are glad our apartment met your needs for you for your stay at the price you liked. We aim at the families on a budget with bare necessities so to be affordable for the people that don't want to or cant spend the big bucks for flashy Serviced Apartments with ALL the bells and whistles that half of which most people won't even use, yet we have most bells and whistles available at small extra charges ready to be used if needed to keep costs low for everyone. As you probably saw while you were here we are always improving the hotel doing stuff around the grounds making it better all the time and acting on feedback from guests. Hope to see you again one day, just remember booking direct gives everyone the best price guaranteed.
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new style bedrooms from June 2017, limited to certain rooms for now.
Фотография предоставлена руководством Трейдвиндс Маклеод Холидей Апартаменты
Street View
Main Bedroom
kitchen again with fridge
Hi do all the apartments have their own bathroom? I read on the website its shared bathroom. What does this mean? Thanks
Hi there. Yes each apartment has its own bathroom which your own family shares. Inside the bathroom is your own washing machine and dryer as well.
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how far is it from the convention centre?
Looking at around 2km away. Around 7 minutes by car, 25-30 minute walk.
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94 $ - 164 $ (На основе среднего тарифа для стандартного номера)
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