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Dorset House Backpackers
Дорсет Апартаменты

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Я должен сказать, что после дня путешествий, нет ничего, как отсутствие горячей воды, чтобы разместить вас в грязное настроение. Тем не менее, я думаю, что это может быть размышлением о Крайстчерче, не Дорсетским Домом. В остальном: Сервис восхитительный, милый отель и отличное
Отзыв получен в партнерстве с statravel.com
Ответил(а) DorsetHouseChch, Front Office Manager, Дорсет Апартаменты
Ответ написан 3 июл. 2017 г.
Dear tash0911, Thank you for your feedback following your stay and your kind words regarding our staff and property :-) Would you mind sending us an email with some more detail about your experience having no hot water? 6 out of 8 of our showers run on gas so these should never run out of hot water. The other two showers are heated by a cylinder and can sometimes run out of hot water if they've been overused at peak showering times (we have a sign outside of these showers making guests aware of this with a map showing where alternative gas showers are located). This is of course if you are referring to the shower. If you could please let us know some more detail we will get onto ensuring all showers/ hot water outlets in the hostel are running as they should be. We look forward to hopefully hearing from you soon, all the best! Warm Regards, Lori Dorset House Backpackers
Этот хостел очень удобный и никакие двухъярусные кровати! Прекрасная просторная кухня со всей посудой, в которой вы нуждаетесь, а также бесплатный Wi-Fi и большой холл, который вы можете впитать. Есть также телевизор. Это очень расслабляющее и имеет домашнее чувство. Такое
Ответил(а) DorsetHouseChch, Front Office Manager, Дорсет Апартаменты
Ответ написан 9 июн. 2017 г.
Hi there, Thank you so much for your lovely review and giving us 5 stars! We are so happy to hear you felt comfortable and at home during your stay with us. Thank you for also complementing our kitchen and lounge facilities, both rooms are great for mingling with fellow travelers. Guests are indeed allowed to enjoy a drink in the lounge in the evenings, as long as peace and respect is maintained of course :-) We are glad to hear you enjoyed the free WiFi, no bunk beds and friendly service from our staff- we believe these are all important aspects of running a great hostel. Thanks again for your kind words, all the best with your travels! Warm Regards, Lori Dorset House Backpackers
Это не похоже на туристов, больше похоже на дом. То, что мне очень нравится, это хостел, имеет хорошее здание и архитектура.Ванные комнаты такие, как дома - единственный отдельный душ и туалет и бассейн, а не большая общая ванная комната. Хостел расположен в тихой улице с
Ответил(а) DorsetHouseChch, Manager, Дорсет Апартаменты
Ответ написан 23 мая 2017 г.
Hi piotrekj81, Thank you so much for taking the time to leave us such a detailed review. We are glad to hear you have enjoyed your stay and felt at home at Dorset House. We are indeed pretty lucky with our location next to beautiful Hagley Park and within walking distance to many Christchurch activities. The airport bus is also at the end of our street, so convenient! Thank you also for your feedback in regards to our facilities & services and our friendly staff. I will pass on your lovely words to the team! We hope you enjoy the rest of your travels and look forward to welcoming you again perhaps in the future. Warm regards Hilde Dorset House Backpackers
Как хостел "для пеших туристов", нам пришлось использовать коммунальную ванную в коридоре и коммунальную кухню, хорошо оборудован всем необходимым. Иногда кухня была немного переполнен, но дух Сплит, и содействия сделал ее терпимая. Мы встретили людей со всего мира и поделились
Ответил(а) DorsetHouseChch, Front Office Manager, Дорсет Апартаменты
Ответ написан 30 мая 2017 г.
Hi Ken M, Thank you for leaving us a review following your stay with us in Christchurch. It's great to hear your time at Dorset House offered you an excellent introduction to New Zealand and you met some lovely fellow travelers offering good recommendations! The kitchen can indeed become a bit crowded if everyone is cooking dinner at the same time; nice to know though that sharing of facilities was not a problem despite this and you made use of the upstairs balcony- this is so handy for eating if the kitchen is full :-) Thank you for choosing to stay with us, we wish you all the best with the rest of your adventures in NZ! Warm Regards, Lori Dorset House Backpackers
Я провел здесь 2 ночи после прибытия в Крайстчерч (одноместный номер). Хостел расположен в тихой улице с центром города, учитывая, что вы находитесь в нескольких минутах ходьбы парком. В нем есть большая комната отдыха и полностью оборудованная кухня. Одноместный номер был
Ответил(а) DorsetHouseChch, Front Office Manager, Дорсет Апартаменты
Ответ написан 27 апр. 2017 г.
Hello Sondra K, Thank you for writing us a review and choosing your stay with us in Christchurch. We’re glad to hear you enjoyed our location and facilities- we also love the fact that it’s a quiet and quaint little street next to the park but not too far to walk to the city centre. Thank you also for your comments regarding the cleanliness of the hostel and helpfulness of our staff. We strive to create a comfortable and clean environment for all our guests and are so happy this was reflected during your stay. I’m so sorry to hear that you found your stay to be noisy at times. We may just need to adjust the latch on the door outside room 17 as this over time opening and closing will loosen and make the door shut quicker than we’d like! Thank you very much for bringing this to our attention - we will get onto fixing this straight away if this was the issue. Please feel free to come to reception with feedback like this during your stay, as we would have been able to fix this after your first night with us. As Dorset House was built in 1871 with don’t have quite the same insulation as new builds might have. The hostel has been refurbished and had many improvements made to it over the last few years, such as solar panels on the roof. Unfortunately, it is a little harder to get into the walls. As we are not a party backpackers, we do expect all guests to be quiet and courteous of those in neighbouring rooms especially late in the evening when people are trying to sleep and usually everyone respects that. In terms of the room size, the Single Rooms are the smallest of our private rooms as also indicated on our website (to ensure it meets the expectation). If you prefer a larger room we’d recommend booking one of the Standard Doubles for just a little bit extra, as they have more floor space (or alternatively you are more than welcome to store luggage at reception). Thank you again for your feedback, wishing you all the best with your future travels :-) Kind Regards Lori Dorset House Backpackers
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Hi r0semaree, Thank you for your message :-) That is not a problem at all! Our reception closes at 5:00pm, if we don't see you before then we leave out a late-arrival envelope at reception with your room key and WiFi so you can check yourself in after-hours. Once you've made a booking we will send your the door code in a confirmation email which you can use to enter the building. The cheapest way to reach us at 1:00am would by by booking a shuttle, from the airport to Dorset House is $25.00 for one person (+$6 for any extra passengers). If you would like to secure a booking please send us an email with your flight number and expected flight arrival time and we will happily arrange this for you! :-) You can contact us any time between 9am-5pm via phone or email if you have any further queries. Warm Regards, Lori Dorset House Backpackers
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Hi Lori, Is it possible to book a shuttle to the airport 4 hours am. You made réservations for trips to Mount Cook and Tekapo. D'avance merci
Hello I was just wondering if you guys are able to take check ins after midnight. Ive already booked my flights and I didnt realise i was arriving so late. Thanks for your time, kind regards, Juaymah (Maha)
Hi Juaymah, Absolutely! please take note of the 4-digit security code sent in your confirmation email to enter the building after hours where we will have a late-arrival envelope arranged for you with your room key and instructions to connect to our free unlimited WiFi. Have you sorted your transport options to get from the airport to Dorset House? we recommend booking a shuttle as they are much cheaper than a taxi and run 24/7- unfortunately the number 29 airport bus does not run after 11:00pm. If you would like us to arrange you a shuttle please send us an email with your flight number- we would be more than happy to book that for you to ensure your arrival runs smoothly :-) Please do not hesitate to contact us if we can provide any further assistance- we look forward to welcoming you to Dorset House! Warm Regards, Lori Dorset House Backpackers
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We reached Christchurch at 1 am and we were still able to check-in without any problems whatsoever. Write an email to them with your flight details and they leave your room keys in an envelope. We took a Super Shuttle right outside the airport. I guess the hostel arranges a pickup as well. Have a good trip to NZ!
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