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Dave's Straw Hat Inn
Дейв'С Стро Хат Инн

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Travellers' Choice Победитель 2019 года
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Отель находится в тихом месте и недалеко от пляжа, что немаловажно. Несколько затруднительно добираться с тяжелым багажом, но на Боракае это больше правило, чем исключение. Территория обустроена, выглядит уютно. Можно ополоснуться после моря недалеко от входа. На удивление
Отель на станции 3, до пляжа 2 минуты. К отелю нет подъездной дороги, только пешеходная тропа. До дороги с транспортом вам придется идти пешком более километра, нести свой чемодан, при этом сотрудники отеля помощи не предлагают. Номер очень маленький и старый, с запахом
Ответил(а) boracays3, Manager, Дейв'С Стро Хат Инн
Ответ написан 14 дек. 2018 г.
Thank you for your review. Your review is what people would call an outlier, which is defined as a person, thing, or fact that is very different from other people, things, or facts, so that it cannot be used to draw general conclusions. What you have said differs from more than 900 other reviews or so for some reason, but we do not know what that is as you never complained while here. Let me review some of the things that you said and we do appreciate the opportunity to reply to you concerns, but again just wish you told us you had concerns while here. You said “There is no access road to the hotel, only a footpath. You will have to walk more than a kilometer to the road with transport, carry your suitcase, while the hotel staff does not offer assistance.” Our response: Thank goodness we have no access road with motorcycles etc adding to the noise etc. Have you seen those areas? We are on a quiet secured path that is 2 minutes to the beach and if you want to get to the road where there is transport it’s about a 5 minute walk. Our staff always helps people with luggage and we even tell people that when they book with us. The problem that you had is that you had to leave at 5am for an early flight. We advised you to take a transfer service, but you said it was too early to leave with them and instead expected our guard to walk with you to the main road. I am sorry, at 5am; the guard, only one on duty, can not leave the Inn as he is responsible for the security of our guests. Why didn’t you just take the transfer service as discussed? You said also “The room is very small and old, with a musty smell.” Our response: First of all, you booked one of our cheapest rooms at $36 USD per night which is a fan only room with NO air conditioning. It does not have a musty smell as I personally checked it and none of the guests prior to you complained about it as well. If we knew there was a problem with the room, we would have fixed it for you. The room is a smaller budget room with free WiFi, change of towels daily and sheets, etc. There are many many photos of the room online so there should not be any surprises. You said “The cleaning is mediocre, but the floor is not washed, they only sweep.” Our response: Were you in the room when they cleaned it? Yes, we sweep it everyday, but also mop it and dry it up every day. We are very fussy on cleanliness; it’s a cornerstone of what we offer our guests. Please look back at the other reviews, none agree with you and again, if it was not cleaned, why not tell us. We make mistakes, we are only human, but they are easily remedied with a request from a guest. Or we can even clean it a 2nd time if you wanted. You said “The beach towel is very old; 35 pesos are charged for its laundry.” Our response: Well, thank you for pointing this out. No budget hotel OFF the beach offers beach towels that we know about. We offer them as a convenience for our guests, but yes they are not new, but are very clean. If we did not offer them then you would not have a complaint, but would have have had to carry one with extra luggage weight. You did not have to use them if they did not meet your standards or the charge was not for you. We charge P35 for the beach towel if you use it for one day or two weeks, its just P35. Too be honest, they used to be free, but we found when they were free, we would get 10 towels or more per day returned to us for cleaning. Again, as an off beach budget hotel that expense and time was too much, but we still wanted to serve our guests with a convenient beach towel. Once we said P35, people kept the towels for the duration of their stay and cut our expenses and helped us to keep room rates low, as in your case only $36 per night. We do NOT have roosters on our property. There are no roosters living nearby and this has not been a problem with other guests. I do acknowledge that Boracay has many people with roosters, but this is not an issue here, and we only hear them on rare occasions. Maybe while you were here was a rare occasion, but I did not hear them and you did NOT tell us so we could have done something. You could be staying at any hotel on Boracay, including the expensive hotels and hear roosters. This is an island after all with a local culture. So, in summary, per your expectations, to find a hotel on Boracay that is on a main road, not musty, with staff to carry your baggage at 5am, clean new daily free beach towels, and cleaned to your standards, you would have to pay 4 times more than what you paid here and with that, may end up with roosters. I am not even sure if you can find it for just four times more than what you paid here, but next time you will head to Boracay please ask us to assist you to find such a hotel. We pride ourselves in helping our guests and meeting their needs even if they are not staying with us. Customer service is another cornerstone we try to guarantee to all guests. Thanks for choosing us and being part of our family. I am sorry for any inconveniences that you experienced. Try us again next time and maybe we can do a better job at meeting your needs. Happy Holidays!!!
Очень живописный и зелёный отель на Станции 3. Немного трудновато найти между улиц. На мой взгляд локация Станция 3 подходит прежде всего тем, кто любит тишину и занятия дайвингом, так как все таки крупные заведения находятся в локации Станция 2, что примерно в 1,5 км. Так как
Ответил(а) boracays3, Manager, Дейв'С Стро Хат Инн
Ответ написан 15 февр. 2018 г.
Thank you for a nice review overall, but I would think you would have rated us higher based on what you complimented us about. Thanks for saying: A very picturesque and green hotel on Station 3. the location of Station 3 is suitable first of all for those who like silence and diving, since all the same large establishments are in the location of Station 2, which is approximately 1.5 km. Just for clarification, the hot water did work in your room, but you needed to wait for it to get hot You did not tell us of any problems The rate that you paid was based on a holiday rate for one night only And, you did not book with us, you used an agent that requires the one night to be paid in advance. This is out of our hands, but that agent gave you a discounted rate as well Thank you for staying with us, its appreciated Hope to see you again soon. Thanks Dave's Straw Hat Inn Family
Я жил в одноместной комнатке с собственным душем. Вода, только комнатной температуры, на жаре - оптимально. Прекрасный способ сбежать от человечества и наслоадиться единением с природой и самим собой. Очень Очень Очень внимательный и доброжелательный персонал, принимают так,
Замечательный отель, в котором цена полностью соответствует качеству, персонал приветливых, уборка номера производилась каждый день, очень чистая, ухоженная и зелёная территория, маленький оазис)) находится в паре минут от пляжа, выход прям на третью станцию, вкусная еда. Нас
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Профессиональные фотографии, выполненные по заказу TripAdvisorДейв'С Стро Хат Инн
The Deluxe Room at the Dave's Straw Hat Inn
Профессиональные фотографии, выполненные по заказу TripAdvisorДейв'С Стро Хат Инн
The Standard Room at the Dave's Straw Hat Inn
Профессиональные фотографии, выполненные по заказу TripAdvisorДейв'С Стро Хат Инн
The Deluxe Room at the Dave's Straw Hat Inn
Профессиональные фотографии, выполненные по заказу TripAdvisorДейв'С Стро Хат Инн
The Deluxe Room at the Dave's Straw Hat Inn
Профессиональные фотографии, выполненные по заказу TripAdvisorДейв'С Стро Хат Инн
The Deluxe Room at the Dave's Straw Hat Inn
Hi do you have available room for 10 pax on mar31-april 2? 2 quad room and 1 standard room.
You’ll need to contact the inn.
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Hello, how far away is station 1 and 2? Is it easily accessible to get back to hotel after going out drinking? Or do I require a trike back? Thanks to all help
Most of our guests frequent the bars or clubs etc and make it back late night or early morning. Boracay is all about walking, which you can get to Station 2 in 25 minutes and Station 1 maybe 45 mins. depending your pace. You can also walk up to the main road and catch a trike. Assuming walking is not a problem for you, its the best thing to do to enjoy all of the impromptu fun things that pop up along the beach path. Please email us for more info. Thank you very much.
1 голос
do you have contact number? if have can we know?
Please see our website, or catch us on facebook or email us or +63-36-288-5465 (domestic 036 2885465) +63-36-288-5755 (FAX) (domestic 036 2885755) Cell: +63-9177168647 (09177168647) +63-9214092922 (09214092922) Yahoo IM: boracaydavesstrawhatinn Skype: davesstrawhatinn
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Is this price per night per person?
Greetings, Per night, per room occupancy as stated in the online info. Please email us for more info or see our website for rates, current promos, etc. Thank you much
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Hi! your place seems nice:) is late checkout service available? and how much is it? or do you keep baggages for a few hours after checkout without extra charge? lookin forward to ur response!
Hi, How are you? We can not promise a late check out as the room may be taken with an incoming guest. We do tell guests, at no charge, to feel free to keep things with us as they wander around the island after they check out before having to catch their flights etc. You can even take a shower if you want to go swimming with our outdoor shower if you want to swim or such before departure. Check out is at 12 noon thou usually. Thanks loads, if you want to be part of our Boracay family and enjoy your stay with us please email us for more info. By the way, please ask us if we have any promos in effect when you do contact us. Thanks much.
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"коттеджи рядом с ресепшеном - лучше WiFi"
"Брали номер де люкс отличный и просторный!!!"
37 $ - 61 $ (На основе среднего тарифа для стандартного номера)
dave`s straw hat hotel boracaydaves straw hat boracaydaves straw hat hoteldaves straw hat inn
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