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Lamb and Lion Inn
Лам & Лион Инн

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Это был наш второй визит в отеля. и это подтверждение наши великолепные воспоминания нашего первого посещения! Казалось, что все остальные гости были "ретрансляторами". был там раньше. Есть причина этого. Хозяева, то Али и Элли старались изо всех сил помогать нам. Номер был
Ответил(а) LambAndLion, Owner, Лам & Лион Инн
Ответ написан 15 июл. 2017 г.
Ahhh....The Bird Watchers General Store--not to be missed!! We love those fun and funky, one-of-a-kind places, and really enjoy hearing from the guests after they've been! Thank you so much for the shout out. It was great having you all here, and we are glad you "get" the importance of our mid-Cape location. We wouldn't want to be anywhere else. Hope you continue to join us with the rest of the repeaters! Happy Summer. Tom
Мы с мужем недавно останавливались здесь во время путешествия в Барнстебль в последнюю поездку для семейной крайнем случае. Я не могу сказать достаточно хороших слов об этом месте и замечательным персоналом здесь.Мы забронировали номер довольно поздно и не приехали после
Ответил(а) LambAndLion, Owner, Лам & Лион Инн
Ответ написан 4 мая 2017 г.
Wow...what a lovely and thoughtful review. We truly enjoyed having you here, even though it was due to some tough circumstances. We had a woman here many years ago who stayed with us because she was going to spread her husband's ashes at a beach nearby. He had always wanted to go to Cape Cod--but he never got here. She told us that staying at the inn brought her some much needed peace in such a difficult time. That still sticks with us to this day. Glad we could be here for you too--and please come back, we'll remember you again! ;)
Моя жена и я живем в Бостона районе, и когда мы путешествуем, мы обычно возглавляем север, потому что наш "ребенок" - шестимесячная Бретань и просто не так много отелей на Мысе, которые принимают домашних животных. Плюс, теперь мы проходим пункт, где мы должны выбрать дешевых
Ответил(а) LambAndLion, Owner, Лам & Лион Инн
Ответ написан 1 дек. 2016 г.
I love that..."Let's go to Cape Cod for Thanksgiving...with the dog...find a nice place..." Oh the pressure!!! I can feel your pain. THANK YOU for such a lovely review. Yes, Eileen's tours don't skip much and guests love them--and her. She is not an owner but certainly loves the inn just as much as we do, and if we are traveling in the off season you're lucky to have her taking care of you. So glad you enjoyed the fireplaces. There are not too many left 'round these parts that allow real wood. It really is a special feature of the inn (no Duraflames here!). And thanks for pointing out the quiet, peaceful beauty of the 6A corridor. Even in the summer months it stays that way, but people "in the know" come around the holidays. Fall festivals, Christmas Strolls and holiday shopping just make this time of the year even that much nicer. It was terrific meeting you "3" and we would love to see you back here next year--and next time have more faith in your travel plans, you obviously great taste in properties! ;) Tom & the gang
Это мой любимый отель типа "постель и завтрак", и я был в очень многих прекрасным местам в Новой Англии. Останавливались в номере 6, он был довольно просторным и открыт до бассейна. Номер был прекрасным и смесь уютных и современного. Была ванная и мини-кухня, комфортные домашние
Ответил(а) LambAndLion, Owner, Лам & Лион Инн
Ответ написан 25 нояб. 2016 г.
Thank you, thank you, thank you. We really appreciate the kind words, and we have been told in the past that we are a pleasant place to be when one finds themselves grieving over a loved one, which isn't just an extremely nice compliment, it's very important to us to BE that place and offer that warm, but unobtrusive comfort. It was great to have you back here again "thisnerdishot" (LOVE that name--and so true!) and we look forward to having you hear again some day. Tom, Ali, Eileen & the rest.
Нам понравился наш предыдущий отдых, поэтому мы вернулись с друзьями на выходные! Спокойная, красивая территория, соли водный бассейн, тихо. Очаровательный и просторные номера. Али, Эйлин и то приветливые и услужливые. Хорошо продуманный книгу, находится в номере, богатом
Ответил(а) LambAndLion, Owner, Лам & Лион Инн
Ответ написан 4 мая 2017 г.
YES! We are all about the helpful tips, the self-guided driving tours, discounted whale watch and ferry tickets.., 2017 will be our 18th season and we still feel like we're just warmin' up! Thank you for the awesome shout out!
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Out side our door
Every night Breeze would head for this spot in front of the fireplace.
I have asthma and want to know if the rooms (I plan to stay in Lair i with a friend) are hypo-allergenic. My friend has asthma and a dog but says she is not allergic to the dog.
Don’t waste your money the place is not clean we stayed there before it’s filthy and dated
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lamb and lion hotel barnstable
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