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The Spencer Hotel and Spa
Спенсер Отель

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Расположение рядом с амфитеатром очень удобное. Владельцы и персонал очень дружелюбный. Нам очень понравилась разговорами завтрак и ужин с другими гостями. Очень удобно для еды. Еда хорошая. Это старое оборудование, но вполне удобно.
Номер и отель вытеснены. Они рекламируют «современный» лифт, но та реклама, должно быть, была написана в начале 1900 года! Ванна высокая и жесткая для пожилых людей или тех с проблемами с передвижением, чтобы подняться в. Они рекламируют бар и холл... просто не верный, если мы
Ответил(а) TheSpencer, Manager, Спенсер Отель
Ответ написан 23 сент. 2017 г.
We are terrible sorry to hear about your stay. In regards to the elevator, the renovation of the historic hotel has to abide by certain laws and size regulations. The present elevator was installed in 1997 and serviced annually before the start of the Chautauqua Season. Due to the comment about the bar we are considering renovations to revamp the bar. We are sorry the bar does not meet your expectations, but it is a small service center for wine tasting and appetizers. The chef that was hired supposedly graduated from Hyde Park culinary institution which was not shown in his skills. We have addressed the food situation and are working on new arrangements with proven experience for next season. We apologize profusely for your inconveniences and will work to take care of the concerns for future guest reservations.
Мы только что провели неделю в The запросил учителей, посещая замечательные лекции и концерты. Мои родители были очень довольны тем, чтобы поделиться это очаровательное место с нами! Они приняли решение для нас остаться в Spencer 's House из-за его удобного расположения, и у них
Ответил(а) TheSpencer, General Manager, Спенсер Отель
Ответ написан 16 окт. 2017 г.
Hi Becky, I remember your stay like it was yesterday. We were very happy to have your whole family come and stay at the Spencer Hotel. The elevator was a recent add on for luggage transportation and handicap usage. This elevator was not meant for every guest in the hotel to use on a daily basis. The elevator used to be a linen closet and by code the current elevator size was the only option granted by a permit. We greatly apologize for the toilet issue, but due to the holiday weekend we struggled to find a plumber on short notice. This is not an excuse and wish we could have done better. We have recently hired an entire new staff to replace all housekeeping. The rooms have been deep cleaned and new training methods have been enforced. In regards to the food, a poor chef was hired that resulted in unacceptable food. The chef when hired stated the graduation from a prestigious culinary college which must not have been true. The expectations that were desired were not achieved. We have since replaced this member of the staff and are on track for a much improved meal experience. In regards to the front desk personnel, we greatly apologize and would like you to relay this information to the hotel directly so improvements can be made. We thought the front desk staff was very well motivated, but apparently that was a mistake. Myself writing this review worked for the front desk and management. I would greatly appreciate a phone call to further discuss the situation as I would like to know of improvements for my own skills. I apologize in advance if you are referencing myself. I personally checked for the phone and computer charger. I find it very strange that one item would come up missing but not the other. It is a shame to think that a housekeeping staff member may have taken your charger. Out of the entire Chautauqua Season, the only missing item that wasn't found was your phone charger. We greatly apologize for this inconvenience to you. We have made many changes in regards to the staff and environment. We hope you will change your mind so we can show you a better experience like you deserve. Sincerely, Carter
Отель Спенсера - прекрасный старый отель, расположенный в "старом" курортном сборе учителей "район всего в одном квартале от нового амфитеатра. Завтрак и ужин подаются в прекрасной столовой. Два вариантов 5 вечера, и в 6-30 вечера. Персонал очень услужливый. Парковка может быть
У моего друга и меня были очень большие надежды на Спенсер, поскольку мы были очень привлечены к обещанию изворотливого литературного очарования и расслабляющие выходные спа. Однако мы стимулировали эти три часа до Питтсбурга и немедленно поняли, что должны будем приспособить
Ответил(а) TheSpencer, General Manager, Спенсер Отель
Ответ написан 16 окт. 2017 г.
Guest, We try and make every guest feel at home and welcome upon check in and apologize for the improper welcome. A staff member should be on duty upon check in unless it is past 10 pm at night during the off season. This was not acceptable and we would like to be able to make this up to you in a future stay. Airbnb does not charge NY state tax of 13% so we collect the 13% tax upon check in. This policy is clearly written in the listing description and the house rules on Airbnb. We have since changed our prices on Airbnb to include the 13% NY state tax. This confusion should now be eliminated. The walls are thin and many sounds can be heard. We can recommend less noisy rooms and would have been happy to switch you to another room if the information was relayed to the front desk. We ask that as soon as an issue arrises, the front desk should be notified immediately, so the concern no longer exists. A brand new sauna is located next to the spa on the second floor. From the spa you step out onto the porch and relax in the beautiful sauna. The front desk would be more than willing to schedule sauna use and show you where the location is. Our massage therapist specialist is specially trained and worked on the Buffalo Bills football team for spa services. She offers an unforgettable spa service. When you walk away no worries will be on your mind after this sensational relaxation. We apologize your stay was not up to your expectations, but would like to make this up to you in the future. Staffing at the front desk has been improved and will be awaiting your arrival. Sincerely, The Spencer Staff
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Toilet and sink
Фотография предоставлена руководством Спенсер Отель
About 1.5 feet from the bed
This is a double bed. The room's width is from end to end as you can see.
220 $ - 248 $ (На основе среднего тарифа для стандартного номера)
spencer hotel chautauqua
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