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Hotel Le Renaie
Отель Ле Ренае

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Это действительно прекрасная, дружелюбная гостиница, где владельцы и персонал заботятся о том, как вы будете наслаждаться своим пребыванием. Великолепный завтрак "шведский стол", и все было чисто и хорошо заботятся. Сады восхитительны, и мы смогли совершить поездку по Тоскане,
Ответил(а) Paola V, Responsabile reception, Отель Ле Ренае
Ответ написан 26 окт. 2018 г.
Dear Nisbett family, thank you so much for a such good memory of the stay at Le Renaie and the holidays you had in our region. Tuscany itself helps a lot, to realize a charming journey in the beauty of the countryside, in the history of the centers and little villages. The persons you meet at your accommodation, including a friendly staff, the style and setting of the hotel, makes the result of a good part of a journey. We will meet you again with a lot of pleasure. Regards from Hotel Le Renaie
Мы пробыли здесь в течение недели, и это отличная база для знакомства и славной Тосканы. Это немного менее чем в 15 минутах езды от Сан-Джиминьяно, и, хотя приятно не быть в оживленном городе, вам нужно учитывать, что потребуется время, чтобы добраться, а дороги довольно
Ответил(а) Paola V, Responsabile reception, Отель Ле Ренае
Ответ написан 26 окт. 2018 г.
Dear guest, many thanks for this long review, full of information of your personal experience. My colleagues and I, we are very proud of our job and happy to maintain a familiar contact with the guests, such as the property likes to keep a friendly atmosphere in this simple country hotel. We have never had the intent to realize a luxury hotel at Le Renaie. We also thank you for the suggestions you are giving in the way to improve our hospitality. I like to add that life in the country side is wonderful. The restaurant and the quality of the food comes out from the tradition of Tuscany, from the tradition of the life in our country. On the other side, some time we have to expect little renounces or battle against insect. Some spray for the rooms and repellant for the body will be enough to survive, actually for well surviving. The WI-FI connection, has a good setting, we only have needed to changed a part of the equipment because was damaged. Probably you were staying during that time and regret you had some trouble. I wish you would like to return and find all best regards from all of us.
Не бронируйте этот отель!Грязный отель, старая мебель.Эта необходимости места большой ремонт. Люди на стойке регистрации очень дружелюбны, но персонал ресторана, где немного грубый. Сделанные закатывающие глаза очень anoing отвечают, спрашивая о столе Или что-то в меню.Мне очень
Ответил(а) Paola V, Responsabile reception, Отель Ле Ренае
Ответ написан 24 сент. 2017 г.
Dear guest, we have read your review with a little surprise if we compare to the reviews of other guests. Anyway this is what you experienced and I accept your opinion. Actually this is the occasion to say all the guests staying with us, that if there is something to complain, the perfect way is to tell once you are here, when we can manage and are able to follow up. We are happy that you have found a good breakfast and assistance from the reception. Regards
Очень Близко к San Химиниано, этот отель предлагает обслуживание в ресторане (кроме вторника). Номера и ванные чистые, но трезвые (wi - fi, не работал в номерах на 2 без и даты этаж). На палящей жаре Тосканы в июле, Кондиционер в номерах дал необходимый отдых. Большой выбор мне
Ответил(а) Paola V, Responsabile reception, Отель Ле Ренае
Ответ написан 3 сент. 2017 г.
Dear guest, we thank you for the review and the information you have liked to recommend about the hotel. Essentiality is generally very important when staying in the country side and the friendly assistance, is a precious treasure for the hotel guests. We would like to welcome you again in the future, with the best wi-fi connection of the world. Regards from all the staff.
Это был наш третий, возвращаясь после 12-месячного отпуска, чтобы быть приветствованным тепло всей самой услужлива регистрации и персонал ресторана. Тихое место в 5 минутах езды от San Gimignano, с прекрасными видами на Валь-д 'Эльса.Комфортабельный номер с балконом с видом на
Ответил(а) Paola V, Responsabile reception, Отель Ле Ренае
Ответ написан 3 сент. 2017 г.
Dear valuable guest, thank you for the nice review and for being so loyal customer of ours. We are happy to realize your total satisfaction about staying with us, a very simple country hotel, proud to have the best reception, restaurant, cuisine staff in the area! We very look forward to meeting you next year, with a huge ciao from Le Renaie Hotel.
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Is there an Airport shuttle service?
Thank you for contacting us. Unfortunately, we do not have a free shuttle service from airports. We can arrange one at your charge but it would be better to hire a car, as we are in country side, you need one for moving. Regards, Paola / reservation / Hotel Le Renaie
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