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Dunkerley's Restaurant and Hotel
Дункерлэй'С Ресторан & Отель

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Я забронировал три номера в этом отеле в семейной свадьбы. Номера были чистыми и удобными. Часть интерьера выглядит немного старым, но это не остановит меня от бронирования снова. Отель находится в отличном месте и с хорошим рестораном и паб в помещении нет необходимости ходить
Как всегда, Dunkerleys столько теплую дружественное обслуживание и хорошая еда. На этот раз мы сидели снаружи и поделились самое вкусное блюдо из морепродуктов. Как раз для быстрого перекуса с друзьями. Однако, их бар меню предлагает хороший выбор для неофициального ужина и их
Мы выбрали столик на улице; часть этой области ограждена буреломом плексигласа - отличная идея.Наш член ожидания персонала был приятным, но волновались, бронируя, и, казалось, не знал разница между "не - пиво, разбитое" и "жареный". Тем не менее, этот вопрос был быстро решена.
Я только что была самая вкусная еда из меню а-ля карт. Устрицы пришлось пальчики оближешь, стейк был сделан до совершенства и шоколадный десерт помадки отправила меня в рай. Молодцы, Dunkerleys, я с удовольствием заплатил бы дважды за ту еду. И обслуживание было превосходным.
Этот отель находится в очень хорошем месте на побережье. В нашем номере был прекрасный вид на море, но это было очень ограничено. Персонал был услужливым, но этот отель устаревший и должен быть должным образом обновлен.
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Our room
The "Live" light switch with no switch which nearly gave me a shock!
Good morning Dunkerley's My wife and I stayed with you on Saturday June 24th, this was in celebration of our 20th Wedding Anniversary. We have stayed with you on 3 / 4 other occasions and always had a good experience. Sad to say this time was a huge disappointment for us both. From ordering our starters and main the wait seemed to last forever, in fact it was 2 hours, yes 2 hours from ordering until our mains were delivered to our table. My wife had ordered the Asparagus with the poached egg and Hollandaise. My wife asked if she could forgo the poached egg, when it arrived at the table it consisted of 3 tiny sprigs of Asparagus and a splattering of Hollandaise at nearly £8:00 was this value for money " I think not " a couple of extra sprigs of Asparagus in place of the poached egg might have helped or even some Parmesan shavings just to make it look like there was more on the plate. We were offered no bread, our wine order and drinks to forever to come......not good. In fact the table next to us came in after us and got served before us including their starters and mains, again not good. The next morning at breakfast things hadn't improved, again service was poor and very slow, so much so a couple waiting for their breakfast got up from their table and went next door to the Cafe. When booking out I mentioned the above to the lady on reception and she duly made a note of our concerns and said she would have it dealt with. When booking in my details were taken including phone number and email address. I was expecting a response from Dunkerleys but it fairly obvious this isn't going to happen, which probably tells me something about your customer service. Would I say I had value for my £200 + one night stay...... probably not. Hopefully you'll take note of my comments and take steps to insure they are not repeated. Regards.
I'm sorry you had such a bad experience! That is no fun at all. We stopped in for a late lunch (did not spend the night as we were staying in Dover). It was very slow customer-wise and we received our wine and lunch in a timely manner - not fast, but timely.
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Hi Michael Still going strong Dunkerleys is 30 years old thursday 22nd june good to hear your kind words hope lifes good for you Regards Ian
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What about parking.Does the hotel offer a permit for guest's like other resorts Can you park near by
There's a parking lot close to the hotel (on the map) the 'circle' behind the library. Paid parking until the evening and starting again rather early. There's another (between Union and Duke Street) a little further away (follow High Street to the north) where the hours are a bit more friendly.
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Hello Do you have any vegan options for breakfast? such as soya milk and veggie sausages. Thank you
when you book, mention that you are vegan and we would happily accommodate for your diet requirements :)
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96 $ - 115 $ (На основе среднего тарифа для стандартного номера)
dunkerley`s restaurant hotel deal
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