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Когда мы с мужем спали, система спринклеров вылила тяжелый поток воды около минуты на нашу кровать в 4: 55 утра. Когда он разбудил меня и понятия не имел, что происходит, я прыгнул на стул, где меня заливали из потока, ударяя по лезвию вентилятора, брызгая водой по всей комнате,
Ответил(а) Dori S, General Manager, Квин Анн Отель
Ответ написан 7 нояб. 2018 г.
Dear Readers, I am going to let you determine the truth as I know you are all savvy travelers. All commercial fire sprinkler systems are computerized and are tied into the local alarm monitoring company electronically. When a fire sprinkler system drains water, its either during a god forbid, Fire, OR, a malfunction of the system, where it goes off automatically, and affects entire system. Either way, all sprinkler release heads would be draining, not just 1 on the 2nd floor. There are 3 floors of rooms at the Queen Anne, with a total of 12 rooms. Her friends & family were in a handful of the other rooms on all 3 floors. None of which experienced any of this. I called the alarm company, they did a test on the system, all checked out perfectly. There were no logs of water surging through the system, no logs of malfunction alarms, or fire suppression execution, Thank God! To correct her review, It was just about 4 am, not closer to 5 am according to 3 different sources, 1.) the onsite security staff nightly written report, 2.) the night auditor who fielded the call when it came in, and 3), our lobby surveillance system when she and I had our face to face discussion. But none the less, when we got the call from her, it was explained that her bed was wet and needed extra blankets. When we brought them over to her, it appeared they had just gotten in from their night out in the French Quarter. They were not sleeping, very much wide awake. When our staff was in her room, he inspected it thoroughly. There was a small area on the left side of bed blanket that was wet, BUT no water on the floor, walls, nightstand or desk, table or chairs, head or footboard. AND NO WATER DRIPPING FROM THE SPRINKLER HEAD OR CEILING. There were others in the room besides her and her husband. It appeared more like water spilled on the bed. We were sold out so there was no room to move her to that night, but at 10 am when housekeeping was in her room, they advised her they had a room ready for her to move to, and she declined it. She said she was fine there just to change the bed linens cause at this point, the mattress was damp from the blanket sitting on the bed over night. I am not sure why she didn't change the blanket when we brought her over 2 replacements. As far as her nap, and not going to the Aquarium, a nap all day from 10:30 am to 5 pm when it closes? Really? But Interesting enough, they are from a town not too far from New Orleans, and the New Orleans Saints played at home for a 3:30 game. I do have to wonder is that why she didn't make it to the Aquarium, her plans changed to watch the highly contested and talked about game between our beloved Who Dat team, and the then undefeated LA Rams?? Her husband confirmed slept in the bed, but she claims she slept in the chair. Housekeeping said, it appeared that both sides of the bed were slept in as the sheets were wrinkled and scrunched up like most slept in beds 1st thing in the morning. I was not made aware of the issue until late Sunday afternoon, as it did not seem as an urgent situation since it was handled as fast as we could have, and there were no signs of fire or equipment malfunction. I was out of pocket with no access to phone service. Text service only. But , the fact she refused to move rooms shows she wasn't too concerned about it anymore. As soon as I was able to get to a phone and call, I did. It was about 7 pm Sunday evening, and she was not in the room. My staff does not give out guest cell numbers to anyone, including me when I am not actually at the hotel to be calling a guest. Unless the guest advises its ok to give out their number, we don't. Its a privacy policy for us. I have no reason to lie. If there were any indication of foul play on our part with the evidence provided, I would have without hesitation, offer her a discount. But there was none. The fact she claims water spun onto the mirror, which is about 9 feet from the bed, but no where else is just inconsistent with a fan spinning water about. Everything in the room would have been wet, at least a little bit, including her, her husband, and her invited guests who were in the room at the time. But nothing else was, nothing !
Хорошее соотношение цены и качества, тем более что мы не проводили много времени в нашей комнате. Определенно не место для роскошного проживания, но это аутентичный старый дом в тихом саду. Легкий доступ к большинству районов города через Убер (и трамвай, если вы не торопитесь)
Отель Queen Anne - это приятное место в саду. Он имеет причудливые комнаты в старом особняке / доме. Однако завтрак является плохим континентом, Wi-Fi был ужасен во время нашего пребывания, и я не знаю, прошел ли телевизор через Wi-Fi, но он был невозможен, так как он продолжал
Мне очень нравится расположение. Я был там двумя годами agao и снова в этом году 12 - 17 мая - 2017. В этом два года они до сих пор не поняли, как починить их телефон обслуживание, которое не работает. Я попросил, чтобы переданным номер, где работала телефонная система. Меня
Прекрасный старый отель периода, номер был прекрасным и очень чистым, завтрак был в другом дочернем отеле дальше по улице, выбор был ограничен, но хороший выбор, хорошее расположение, хорошая бесплатная парковка в дочернем отеле дальше по улице
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Great Bed
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Sitting on the front porch one late afternoon.
Where did you have to check in att?
Hi you have to check in at the Prytania (The Queen Anne's Sister Hotel). Standing in facing the Queen turn to your right, take the left walk down street (you park your car here too), it's only a few minutes walk. Hope this helps
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We have a reservation for September for a Queen Deluxe room. Can we get one on the second floor? Are there differences between the first and second floor rooms? It is our 21st Anniversary weekend.
Happy Anniversary in advance. I will be glad to pre assign a room on either floor. All the rooms are different, so its hard to say which is better. Do you want more quiet, or ease of access. Quiet would be upstairs and to access those rooms, you will walk up a double wide Handcarved Mahognay staircase Let me know what you prefer, and I will take care of it for you,\ Thank you for choosing us for your very special weekend, Dori H Schulman General Manager
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