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Fraoch Lodge
Фраоч Лодж

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У нас был комфортабельный номер с двумя односпальными кроватями и - люкс, большинство номеров - похоже на хостел с общей ванной. Наш номер был на чердаке, так что для меня headspace, это делает ванную немного неудобной, если мы очень честны. Тем не менее, за такую цену мы
Ответил(а) Rebecca F, Owner, Фраоч Лодж
Ответ написан 26 июн. 2017 г.
Thank you for your feedback. We are very pleased with our 5* hostel grading this year. All our rooms are private rooms. Our twins have 2 single beds and there are no bunk beds at Fraoch Lodge, which we feel is a step up from many hostel rooms. Until 2 years ago the room you had shared bathroom facilities with the other rooms in our annex block. The private bathroom facility you enjoyed is a significant upgrade and is the only way of offering extra bathroom facilities for this room.
Останавливались в Ребекке и The Lodge Fraoch Andy на 2 ночи с моей дочерью и несколько друзей. Я не понял, что была кухня для гостей, чтобы использовать, который был отличным для нас использовать и огромный плюс. Это означало сделать бутерброды легко.Мы останавливались в номере
Ответил(а) Rebecca F, Owner, Фраоч Лодж
Ответ написан 22 февр. 2017 г.
Thank you. It is always nice to receive a pat on the back so we know we're not heading in the wrong direction with the business.
The Lodge Fraoch - хорошее здание с хорошим сервисом. Это be&be, но есть дополнительный бонус обусловленного наличием кухни самообслуживания, что вы можете использовать. Кухня хорошо оборудована, даже когда свежие травы из сада, чтобы использовать.Спальни хорошие (у нас был
Ответил(а) Rebecca F, Owner, Фраоч Лодж
Ответ написан 22 февр. 2017 г.
Thank you for your feedback. There was obviously some miscommunication within your group. Our ethos in running Fraoch Lodge is to share & experiences our space with our guests. The lounge and dining room are public areas for all the guests to enjoy, not private spaces for each of you. To have your own private space it would have been better to book a cabin or lodge at a caravan park. We all enjoy hosting our guests, which includes our son. He thinks people enjoy his company, and indeed most guests comment on what good company he can be for his age and how confident he is in speaking to adults he doesn't know. We do not expect our guests to act as babysitters for him. If you do not appreciate his company, just ask him to find his parents or politely request his parents to speak to him if his behaviour is inappropriate. More porridge and toast is always available if requested.
Останавливались здесь на Новый год сначала, чтобы покататься на лыжах и насладился каждой минутой своего пребывания. (Как оказалось, не было достаточно снега, чтобы покататься на лыжах, но мы нашли много других развлечений, вместо этого! ) Семья (Andy, Ребекка и Грегор) были
Ответил(а) Rebecca F, Owner, Фраоч Лодж
Ответ написан 5 янв. 2017 г.
Thank you. Very kind of you to take the time to review us. We hope to see you again. Perhaps next time you could bring the kids with you.
хозяйка дома, кажется, немного странная. вонючее постельное белье и не хороший. отчасти грязный в гостиной. еда, хуже и слишком дорогая. никакое дружелюбие вообще. это не Шотландия, и это - lovlieness.
Ответил(а) Rebecca F, Owner, Фраоч Лодж
Ответ написан 25 окт. 2016 г.
We are very surprised to read your opinion of Fraoch Lodge. We have been sending our laundry out to a professional laundry in Aviemore for over a year now and have always been pleased with the service they provide. Our meals are provided from fresh, local produce often grown in our own garden and made up into very tasty, home made dishes full of flavour, for which most guests are very complimentary - did you try our meals? Our muesli for breakfast is mixed on the premises and contains a high proportion of nuts and fruit. We often supply fresh fruit and make all our own jam and marmelade. The lounge is used by all the guests and can get untidy by the end of the day, particularly if their our children around - but we do regularly tidy up.
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Фотография предоставлена руководством Фраоч Лодж
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Some of our garden produce available for guests and used in our evening meals
Фотография предоставлена руководством Фраоч Лодж
One of our bedrooms
Do you accept small well behaved dogs?!
I'm afraid that we don't have space for dogs within the main buildings. We have had guests bring dogs in the past, but only when they are happy for the dogs to stay in the car or to have a bed in one of our garden sheds or the drying room. I am sorry we can't be more helpful but if you would like to know of dog-friendly accommodation in the area please don't hesitate to contact us again.
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We would be 4 people in 2 rooms I see we would have to share bathrooms. Would we have our own or would we be sharing with a lot of other people ?
Hi JayJay, Thanks for the query. We do have 2 rooms with private bathrooms. These are a wee bit more expensive and we hope to have one more private bathroom facility provided by January 2016. If you book 2 standard rooms we can give you rooms next to each other which will share the bathroom. By January 2016 these will be the only rooms sharing that bathroom facility. There are no actual baths at Fraoch Lodge only shower facilities. We have extended WiFi throughout the property but we have chosen not to install TV here. There is a comfortable lounge, a large selection of traditional games and loads of books to share by the open fire. When are you planning to visit? It is not a busy time at the moment so you'd probably not have to share wash facilities with anyone other than your friends/family. Regards, Rebecca
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I see that we would have to share a bathroom. There are 4 of us would we have our own or would we be sharing with a lot of people ?
The bathrooms are shared, but there are several. Depending on where your rooms are, you may not be sharing with anyone else. I've stayed 3 times and have never had to queue for the bathroom.
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