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Yakutat: Изображения

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Yakutat, Аляска: getlstd_property_photo
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getlstd_property_photo (дек 2018)
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Only a mother could love something this abrasive looking...until you eat one then you will fall in love. (Ling Cod.)
Waiting on the bite and enjoying the views.
This is a test...if you think your going to catch one of these with Us here in Yakutat..your on the wrong page:) (The Owner Scott amazed at what the other side of the ocean can produce~)
Nice rack of fish (halibut) for the group. these are all great for the table. (size wise) Although we see LOTS of Large fish due to our coastal area... we are fishing for food more then the record. Just being real~ harvesting a fish up to nice eatable size is the preference with most real anglers.but the choice is yours.
The Crew with a good catch on the Sea wolf
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