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FuerteventuraВ сообществе с февр. 2008 г.
I guess travel or love of foreign places comes from living in Singapore between the age of 6 and 8 and Gibraltar between 9 and 11. I hated going back to the cold and wet in the UK and missed the freedom that I had in these places. Travels - we spent two 7 week summers in Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore, we have visited Greece every year apart from 2012 since 1984 and ended up living in Greece for 4 years in the 2000s. We spent seven weeks in both Australia and New Zealand in 2001/2002 also visiting Singapore, Bali, Vietnam and Hong Kong. We have visited the Canary Islands every year since 1988 staying in La Gomera for three year before discovering El Cotillo in Fuerteventura and we spent 4 full winters there in the 2000s. We spent 7 weeks in Peru and Ecuador in 2008 (The Galapagos are the single best trip we have done) and over 3 months in Chile and Argentina with a short visit to Uruguay. We have travelled extensively in Europe as well and we lived in Portugal for 2 months.
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